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You may think that essential oils are overrated or they’re all the same. I said that at some point too! You may even think people sell them just to make money. Isn’t everyone working from home in some capacity? I’m a bit cynical too.
The truth is: Young Living Oils are such a better quality oil than you will find in a store (believe me! I’ve bought oils from everywhere from Whole Foods to TJMaxx). Essential Oils have become a necessity for my self-care (mood) + chronic shoulder pain, a huge help in guarding my little people from picking up what everyone is putting down (if you know what I mean... Ah Choo!) and sleeping better at naps + through the night (and all God's mommas said "AMEN!") 

I  also transitioned our family into a (almost fully) chemical-free home so we don’t have to worry about what toxins we are in close contact with daily. I’ll be honest. I had a deep, long + committed relationship with bleach and Fabuloso. I loved their smells + believe that they are cleaning my home. Yet, the chemicals they carry are scary to me and with a kid that has breathing issues, we have to make changes! It’s not an option. Now when I smell chemicals I get nauseated. So for real (gross, thinking about it is making me want to vomit).  We are going to clean with essential oils now--forever. I have turned into the biggest Thieves fan and I would do an infomercial, if they would let me. 

As you can see, we keep things real around here. I am extra but I love to help people. Help me, help you! 

Do you need to know more? Here I am, waving my hand + ready to help YOU! (I'm a 2 on the Enneagram btw, hence the eagerness to HELP you!) 

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