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Bindi Terewaamu

Support Your Healthy Family

Looking to support the healthy bodies in your family? Support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with this powerful tool used for thousands of years.
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Support Your Healthy Family
Looking to support the healthy bodies in your family? Support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with this powerful tool used for thousands of years.

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Feel Well and Purposeful Each Day!


If you desire a better lifestyle, we believe that life's truest, most lasting solutions are found in nature. I encourage you to discover how the Young Living products can replace harsh chemicals in your home and create an oasis of calm in a world of noise. Get Started via the link above and like us; get wholesale prices (24% discount) delivered.


Hi, I'm Bindi Terewaamu.

My husband and I have been using Young Living oils and products for five years.  We  experienced a most beautiful pregnancy  and home birth; thanks to Young living's NingXia Red (a powerhouse multivitamin drink), Essential Oils like #Frankincense, and oil blends like #StressAway & #AromaEase along with #Hypnobirthing (the Mongan method).

Before Young Living, I yearned for PURPOSE in my life. I had lost my daughter after her birth and for a long time felt lost in our westernised world. Nature always comforted me but I knew there was  something more I needed in my life. 

My Mum who's a Bowen Therapist amongst other healing modalities; shared about these essential oils with both my husband and I. She said excitedly "I believe they're the missing link to TOTAL HEALTH".  We became wholesale members and began our journey of a lifetime.

In our home we have changed our buying habits to immune boosting products like Young Living shampoo, toothpaste, skin care and powerful chemical-free cleaning products like THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER. The Young Living products are of high quality and last a long time. I feel like we are INVESTING IN OUR HEALTH instead of our sickness like the western world.

Recently I read Kimmy Brookes "TheFourYearCareer for women" (her husbands book is the same but a better read for the men) I highly recommend the read and find NETWORK MARKETING compliments a balanced family life and financial abundance. I now share Young Living with friends, people we meet and so many leaders in the making.  It is so cool creating longtime friendships!!

  Best of all, our Young Living family  business allows us to include our daughter when sharing the oils and the business. I know this will be of massive benefits to her growing and learning. I feel so blessed to be able to work and still have her with me.

Along with the fantastic personal growth that comes hand in hand with using & sharing Young Living, we receive a thank you cheque each month. I am so grateful for the ABUNDANCE YoungLiving brings into our life and It's easy to share something so good!!

PLACE AN ORDER (link above) with a member account. Like us you will receive 24% discount with benefits. 

The Essential Rewards Program gives you the  opportunity to order a few products each month and change your buying habits. This program gives you the most BENEFITS!

I started on this and continue to get excited about my order every month.

• Qualify to receive a free oil after 3,6,9 AND 12months then after that a free oil each year.
• 10% back to spend on products of choice then after three months 20% back and after 2years 25% back!!!
• Free products through promotions.
• Access to exclusive Essential Rewards Kits
• Priority ordering & reduced postage.  
• Qualify to receive generous compensation payments.
• Cancel & Recommence anytime.

Place your order today via the link above or alternatively email or message me and I can assist you or if you prefer an order form then click on the link below and be sure to use our member ID 1342877 so we are able to support you.

Warmest wishes on your journey,

Bindi Terewaamu

Young living member #1342877

If you prefer to fill out your order rather than via the ‘Place an Order" link at the top of this page... than by all means print and fill out as best you can the Order Form along with the Wholesale account form below; then email both forms to 

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