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I taught in the Public School System for 5 years. After going back to school for my Master’s degree during my 2nd year of teaching, I never imagined that I would want to be a stay at home mom when I had kids. However, when my daughter was born in May, I realized quite quickly that my heart only wanted to be with her. I felt a strong calling from the Lord that I was to take care of her from home. I dreaded going back to work the whole summer. I was miserable at my job the school year after she was born. While there were things that I loved about my job, the kids, my colleagues, I cried every single day on my way to work, thinking about leaving my baby under someone else’s care other than my own. (Even though she was being cared for by my mother and mother-in-law) It seemed as though I was missing out on so much of her first year, and it hurt. That year, I prayed daily for God to provide a way for me to stay at home the next school year.

In January of 2014, a friend of mine from church told me that she’d found a way to make some extra money by selling essential oils. I had considered myself to be a pretty crunchy mom already, making my own baby food and cloth diapering, I’d even been Vegetarian before I got pregnant with Ella, but I’d never heard of essential oils before. So, I agreed to meet with her one day to get more info about them. She came over to my house, told me about her company and the oils, gave me a sample of a couple of things, and left me to think about it. Well, being a researcher, I immediately began my own research on essential oils and her company. What little information I found on their website just left me with more questions, and my list kept getting longer and longer. She and I played phone tag, & I just never could seem to get the information I was seeking.

Not long after, a friend of mine from college sent me a message on Facebook telling me that she noticed I’d been pinning some info about essential oils on pinterest. She said she’d just started selling Young Living oils, & she wanted to know if I’d like some information on them. I told her that I didn’t even know there was more than one essential oils company, and that I would love more info. Bless her heart, she answered every single one of my millions of questions, quickly and with confidence. She told me about the starter kit, and we planned to meet up one day at Panera Bread, so that I could smell the oils that came in the kit. After comparing the kits available from both companies and weighing all of the information I had from both, I felt that the Lord was leading me straight to Ashleigh and Young Living. Boy, am I glad I did!

The moment I got my kit in the mail, I was overwhelmed with excitement! I told any and everybody about my oils. I let people try them, and I had people signing up right and left! Now, let me be honest, YL was not initially the avenue that God provided for me to quit my teaching job. Graciously, my in-laws agreed to allow us to sell our house and move into theirs while we were in transition. Luckily, we were also able to pay off all of my student loans with the money we made off of selling our home, thank goodness for that! 

For the next year, I was off and on with my Young Living business. I would teach a class or two here and there, I would still share some oils with others, and I still had people who signed up. But, I wasn’t serious. I was serious about Young Living, but I wasn’t serious about my business. Once I saw that people weren’t signing up as quickly and had a few rejections, I became discouraged. Now, I have been a part of two other network marketing companies in the past. So I just figured I just wasn’t cut out for the job. I listened to the enemy whispering those lies into my heart, and I began to drift away from my business.

But, my sweet and endearing husband told me that if I wanted to keep buying my oils, I needed to get them paid for with the money I made from Young Living. Now, I wasn’t to the point of getting my oils paid for, so I was doing small odds and ends jobs to put towards my monthly orders, and I even put Birthday and Christmas money towards my oils. Why did I do this? Because I found out the secret to it all! I realized that I had the power to choose what I brought into our home. That I didn’t have to keep buy toxin-filled products (even though I was already using products I thought to be “natural”). Again, I began researching. And boy, was I shocked by what I was learning about the dangers of continuing down the path I had always blindly followed. So, I made a plan to begin to switch out my current household products for Young Living ones.

In 2015, the FDA told several natural companies that they couldn’t make some of the claims that were being made. Now, we all know that essential oils have MANY uses, however, we had to stop speaking about them the same way Doctors are allowed to make claims about medicine. This was a bummer. But, I stuck it out, through my discouragement (along with every other YL distributor out there), and learned to speak a new language. I learned to begin focusing on how the oils can help support our bodies, not just fix something when it goes wrong. This was a game changer for me AND my business. Everyone wants to be healthy. No one wants to live a life of sickness. Young Living is different from every other company I knew, because the mission of Young Living is to bring about purpose, wellness, and abundance. 

During this time, I also began to experience my own health crisis. I miscarried a baby, I had been hospitalized for different reasons 2 years in a row, and I began having horrible autoimmune issues that I didn’t know how to deal with. Through it all, the Lord brought me out of the darkness, healed my body, and began to instill a passion and desire within me to dive back into my business, with direction and HIS guidance. 

As I began sharing about Young Living in this new way, relying on the Lord for guidance,  consistently over time, I could see my business begin to pick up again. People could begin to see that I had found a better way, and they wanted it, too. Even through all of my health issues, he began to fill me with light. He blessed us with a sweet, healthy baby girl, and the hard work that I put into my business for a year, carried me through while we adjusted to life with a new baby in our family. Not only did I have the products, the knowledge, and the power to take charge of my health and the health of my family, he had given me the dedication and hard work that was needed, so that I could maintain my business, even while stepping away for a short time. 

Even through an extra long postpartum period, I was continuing to make money with Young Living! When I had maternity leave as a teacher, when Ella was born, I could only get paid for the number of sick days I had available (which was none). But with Young Living, I had created a residual income for myself and my family. Not only was my business growing, but I was also growing, personally and professionally. God had been working on my heart for about 3 years, molding and shaping me into a woman who trusts in him, relies on him, and seeks to do all things to bring about his glory. I learned that the Lord works for the good to those that love him and are called to fulfill his purpose. Through Young Living, the Lord has given me purpose, wellness, and abundance, as I run my business and walk through life. I am so excited to see how the Lord uses me through this business, as I continue to passionately share my story and this amazing company and opportunity with others to live a life worth living. I have been called into freedom. Time freedom, health freedom, and financial freedom. And it is available to all who also choose it for themselves. 

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A unique blend of prebiotics & probiotics, specially designed for children, but also great for adults. Convenient single-serve packets.

Bath Gel

A safe liquid soap for bathing to wash and help hydrate skin with cedarwood and lemon essential oils and aloe vera.

Kids Shampoo

Aloe vera and essential oils like lemon and blue tansy provide an unforgettable clean without harmful chemicals.

Nervous System Support

Create a focus-friendly environment using a diffuser.

Respiratory System Support

Eucalyptus, black spruce, pine, and other essential oils gently promote an already healthy respiratory system.

Integumentary System Support

Help smooth your child's skin with this blend.

Kids Lotion

Safe, natural ingredients help hydrate and support tender skin.

Kids Multivitamin

A flavorful chewable tablet for children providing a range of vitamins, minerals, and more..

Emotional Support

Encourage a calming environment with the aroma of this essential oil blend designed for mothers and babies.

Diaper Ointment

Apply to hydrate and promote healthier skin.

Digestive System Support

Support little ones' digestive system with this calming blend.

Endocrine System Support

Promote a relaxing environment in the evening with lavender, frankincense, and other essential oils.

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A unique blend of prebiotics & probiotics, specially designed for children, but also great for adults. Convenient single-serve packets.

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Protect your skin without chemicals with this all natural formula. Available in SPF 10 and SPF 50!

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