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Collapsed lungs & pneumonias were my normal...

Hi! I'm Tia 

At 2 years old, I inhaled a chemical fertilizer that permanently damaged my lungs. I was rushed in and out of hospitals with collapsed lungs, pneumonia and life-threatening lack of oxygen almost every other week.  At the age of 5, the doctors gave up and sent me to live for a year in a hospital away from home in the hopes that they could save my life.

Wonderfully, National Jewish Health saved my life.  I still required daily medication and would get pneumonia that required hospitalization on average two times every year, but for me, that was considered great progress.

Then, in college, I started learning about natural ways to help my health with the goal of at least getting pneumonia and being hospitalized less. By applying a few simple changes, I didn't need to go to the hospital for the first time in over ten years.

That was the proof I needed to continue learning and applying as much as I could about natural solutions to supplement the great medical care I was getting. 

Now, I’m on a mission to help empower others live their best life and get the most from and enjoy each day! 

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