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Wendi Nicholson. CHHC

What's in your makeup?

Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.
What's in your makeup?
Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.
Healthy Makeup? Tell Me More!

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Welcome To My Life!


As a kid, journaling and writing were my ways to escape.  Once I became a mom, I realized I needed to reach out to other moms when PPD hit me like an anvil out of the sky. Read about that story here. It was then, seven years ago, that I realized I needed to get my stuff together.  I taught myself how to use this tech stuff and with that comes a ton of frustrations and errors made.

But hey, you’re here right? I guess I did something right.  I'd like to welcome you to my life.  It is an honor and a privilege that you are here.  

Beau and I are the thirty-somethings who made TONS of mistakes in life.  We’ve been through bankruptcy, on the verge of foreclosure, medical and health issues, marital ruin, and even extremely ill babies.  We were the couple that had a house in the suburbs with the giant SUV that we couldn’t afford.

We were just trying to be all grown up like society calls for our age group to be.  Motherhood hit me hard.  I get into that in my posts.  I am the woman who will sit next to you on a park bench and wonder why the other mom tries so hard to make it look easy and perfect.  It’s my passion in life to make imperfection and messes into a beautiful reality.

"There is no such thing as 'supposed to be'.

Throughout the blog, you will find stories of love, life, loss, leadership, and having faith when it seems to be impossible. Secularly, I am a Gold Leader with Young Living Essential Oils, and I am also pursuing my certification as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  It is my PASSION to help you attain optimum wellness, and recognize the chance to  grow a business while growing a family.   If  you feel better having visited my site and my family, then my job is done.

I'm basically obsessed with nutrition, healthy living and wellness. I am also so ridiculously imperfect also, lol. I'm currently a student a the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I cherish every opportunity to help others. 

 Please read my stories knowing they’ve been put here with you in mind.  I want you to know I see you.  I’ve struggled in my life as a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and as a person.  I am okay, and you will be too.

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