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In the Beginning

In the Beginning with Julie Hennessy 
 Did I ever think these little drops of oil could impact my life in such a manner.... the answer would have been NO. 
Seven years ago I was looking for a solution not a bandaid. Thankfully a  dear friend who had been patiently waiting for the lightbulb to go off, was so excited when I decided to try Young Living  Essential Oils.   Who would have thought these little brown bottles would open my eyes to a totally new way of looking at things.     Making better choices on the products we use on and in our bodies is easy with Young Living.      I love how Young Living has not only impact our home on a health outlook but also on a financial outlook.   We now Dream bigger,  work harder  and are so much happier.   Our oily community is made up of people of all ages and genders just looking for better solutions.   We are truly blessed with all that Young Living has given us. 

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