Your Home - A Fragrance-Free Zone


Why would you want your home to be a fragrance-free zone? 

“Fragrance” as an ingredient is not merely something that has a scent but is often manufactured fragrances that aside from their scent (or whether or not a person likes the scent) can have detrimental effects on the health of many people.  

Making your home a “fragrance-free zone” will go a long way toward boosting the health and ridding your home of dangerous chemicals.  I just read a post from another adoptive mom concerned about her child who has an addiction to these types of chemicals - - spray cleaners, etc.  My youngest (also adopted and language delayed) would always smell his food carefully before eating it when younger.  He was also VERY picky.  He is sensory-seeking, which includes scent-seeking.  He will walk through the “smelly” aisle at the grocery store with all the detergents and such and you would think he was smelling the roses in a rose garden!  But I have learned (and started teaching him) that those chemicals that make those smells are harmful.  

And they are cumulative - - meaning more exposure = more risk.  Sometimes people develop multi-chemical-sensitivity such that synthetic chemicals can cause them to go into anaphylactic shock.*

But it’s not JUST “sensitive” people who are affected.  And by the way, all children and immune-compromised people are more “sensitive” to toxins because their bodies either absorb a larger percentage (according to their size) and/or are unable to detox as well as others might be able to, thus resulting in a larger concentration or build-up of the toxic load. 

Many people (about a quarter of the population it is estimated) have genetic limitations on their ability to detox (move the toxins out effectively) as well.  Plus anytime you are under stress, from illness or whatever source, your immune system (along with detox ability) is negatively affected.  

So, do you think you might have a few reasons to consider going fragrance-free?  Even just in your home?  Even if you, yourself, are not super sensitive but you know that others are? The home is an area we can best guard, our retreat adn haven from the outside world, and thanks to the availability of alternatives it’s relatively easy to make the shift to fragrance-free in our homes.  

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be scent-free.  On the contrary, you can indulge in the purer and health-enhancing scents of pure, plant-based essential oils for replacements.  No need to feel deprived at all.  It’s like switching from an old rusted Pinto to a brand new cherry-apple red Ferrari!  You may miss the memories and familiarity of the Pinto for what (?) . . .  5 - 10 seconds?

Ready to get started?  I’ll be happy to help you set up your home as a Fragrance-Free Zone.  Join the movement.  Just contact me at the link above or below or hit reply (e-mail).  

I’d like to know - - what are YOUR reasons for considering going fragrance-free?  

BONUS!  Feel free to print and post in your home one or all of these colorful posters to designate your space as a Fragrance-Free Zone, here.

Happy Oiling!

*Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed herein does not constitute professional licensed legal or medical advice and is not a substitute for appropriate legal or medical advice suited to your individual situation or for your own due diligence.