Unlocking J.O.Y. During COVID

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles Swindoll

Has life hit you out of nowhere? I have been pivoting over and over again to keep things afloat (I am sure you can relate). You see, the last six months have taken a hit on my emotional meter. With the loss of two uncles to Covid, my husband’s increase in workload (we hardly ever saw him), and the multiple unexpected health issues with my husband over the course of the Covid season (including a hospital stay that abruptly ended our only “vacation” we had just started), I found myself constantly shifting priorities and emotions. I knew I needed to stay well, unlock joy, and fill my pitcher in order to be present for my six kids, my husband, and my clients. I had to tap into my go-to resources to help me through this season. 

My first resource for unlocking JOY through COVID is PRAYER (read about the science-based benefits of prayer). Without my daily time with Jesus, these events could have knocked me down hard. God prepares us for battle so when life hits us out of nowhere and we fall, we are able to RISE up.