Seriously where does the time go? December!

It's unbelievable that we are in the final month of 2022!  I hope you are able to enjoy some time with family/friends and here's to an even better 2023!  

Here's some fun things to do and try?  

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"Essential oils everyday to keep you in a healthy way!"

Be in the light, 

How This Business Has Changed Me

I am Trisha, a city girl of faith on a journey blooming as a homesteader, caring wife and mama of furry animals.  I enjoy cooking healthy specialty appetizers and elderberry syrup using Young Living vitality essential oils.  

My passion is learning and sharing healthy holistic natural plant based lifestyle options.  My heart felt work of meeting, listening and helping others on their individual journeys which will provide a loving supportive community.  I have many hours of training earning a speciality in Raindrop Therapy, a service I provide for added relaxing energy. 

My college degree in dance education has revealed the importance of movement in obtaining Holistique (Holistic) health and longevity.  

My beginning with loving and using Young Living 600+ products.  

My sister helping hand was the key by giving me a bottle of Tea Tree Oil from Young Living. This was for a stubborn toe nail fungus I had for four-five months.  I had already been using another brand of organic tea tree oil to treat my nail fungus for two weeks, but as soon as I used the Young Living Tea Tree Oil my nail fungus was gone in 2 days!  I knew immediately that I had passion for this product and decided to get involved with this business.  Once again, I was participating in self care and helping others to, as well.  My passion has returned!  Using an ethical, trusted company that does not make an essential oil for a profit but for a purpose first.  

I now am empowered to guide others to find natural plant based solutions for a healthier more joyful lifestyle.  Owning my own business is challenging, but I can do it along side like-minded friends and it is incredible.  I have been blessed to attend mutiple beach retreats, a marriage retreat, and muliple educational workshops.  The freedom of having my own business affords for the flexibility of time allowing for family and personal priortiies to be accomplished and enjoyed.  My life is now rich with purpose, passion, rewards, time and friendships.  Here's to a healthier lifestyle.  

---- Originally wriiten 4/21/2021