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 Many years ago, (1989!) I discovered that there were many environmental toxins affecting our health. Who knew that carpeting, laundry detergent and personal care items such as shampoo and toothpaste contained harmful chemicals?! I sure didn't! Until it created real problems for my little ones.

The more I learned, the more determined I became to make our home a cleaner environment ~ free of as many chemicals as possible. 

Once I discovered Young Living and began to learn, I fell in love with their amazing essential oils and with the company! There are so many ways that these wonderful oils support healthy living, and so many products that make it easy to maintain a chemical free home! Right now, there is no reason NOT to adopt a chemical free lifestyle; there are pure, wonderful, effective, essential oil infused replacement products readily available through Young Living.

My passion for sharing comes from experiencing first hand the need for clean products, and witnessing the difference that they can make! Constant exposure to environmental toxins puts a strain on our body’s natural defenses. Eliminating these toxins and supporting the body with proper nutrition, restorative sleep, exercise and pure essential oils is a fantastic way to stay “above the wellness line”!

If I can be of help to you in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to support you as you learn to rid your world of toxins, and start choosing a better way; supporting your body naturally! 

I love Young Living’s Mission Statement:
We honor our stewardship to champion nature's living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

In love and light,
Janine Wooten
Young Living ID # 1049949

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Balancing & Brightening Skin Cream

Why Us?

We are very diligent about our protection of earth and its citizens. We hold the highest standards for our essential oil production process, bringing the world the finest products available. From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

Featured Beauty & Skin Products

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Acne Treatment

Wintergreen, manuka and tea tree based maximum strength acne treatment helps clear acne blemishes, pimples, & blackheads.

Creme Masque

A proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid and pure essential oils, our Creme Masque deeply moisturizes and protects skin.

Luminous Cleansing Oil

Easily and gently remove makeup and other impurities with this blend of essential and carrier oils, including Rose and Ylang Ylang. Optionally follow with facial cleanser or facial wash for an extra level of cleanliness.

Facial Wash

For oily skin, this hypoallergenic facial wash cleans without overly drying.

Facial Scrub

Gently exfoliate and reveal radiant skin. Made with apricot seed powder, mango butter, peppermint oil, and more.

Kunzea Essential Oil

With properties and uses similar to Tea Tree oil but with a gentler sensation, Kunzea oil may help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Facial Cleanser

Infused with skin-loving essential oils, supports healthy glowing skin by washing away impurities with a soft, gentle lather.

Beauty Masque

A premium, orchid-based formula designed to soothe skin and leave it feeling healthier and more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

Light Moisturizer

Helps your skin retain and maintain proper hydration. With five essential oils and other natural ingredients, your face will feel soft and supple, preparing your canvas like a beautiful work of art.

Refreshing Toner

Use after facial wash to gently remove impurities without over drying.

Brightening Cream

Use morning and night to balance and brighten skin tone with sophisticated, plant-based ingredients.

Renewal Serum

An intricate blend of exotic orchids petals and essential oils that helps protect and revitalize skin, working in harmony to deeply nourish and hydrate the face.

Experience Our Healthy, Natural Products

Enrich your life with products formulated to the highest standards of quality and purity.

Natural Makeup

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Foundation, mascara, primer, lip gloss, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, lipstick, and more. Now your health and beauty can live in harmony!

Single Serve Pre- & Probiotic

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A unique blend of prebiotics & probiotics, specially designed for children, but also great for adults. Convenient single-serve packets.

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

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Protect your skin without chemicals with this all natural formula. Available in SPF 10 and SPF 50!

Baby Care

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Baby wash & shampoo, baby lotion, baby Wipes, diaper rash cream, baby oil, and linen spray

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