Looking for a holistic way to get rid of stress and start feeling invigorated about the next chapter of your life?

I worked for over 30 years as a Professional musician and 15 years as a Music Therapist, helping people with severe physical and mental illness improve their lives through the power of music. Now retired,  and as someone who has experienced first-hand the transformative power of essential oils, I’ve combined my two greatest passions to help you rediscover a vibrant, fulfilling, and FUN life - at any age!

I never could have imagined this happening, but my own personal experience with essential oils combined with my ability to use MUSIC to help people cope with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness, has been an incredible gift for my clients.
Specifically, my use of the Native American Flute is incredibly relaxing and soothing for people… so it’s no wonder that people keep coming back week after week to attend my group relaxation sessions on Zoom.

And my experience as a wind instrumentalist has taught me so much about using breathwork INTENTIONALLY, which is one of my favorite techniques to teach to help deal with overwhelming emotions and stress. (An issue that most people are dealing with!)

It’s funny how life works. You go along doing one thing after the next, and all of a sudden your experiences come together in the most beautifully unique way. I’m beyond grateful for all of my experiences because they have led me to a place of service and ability to help you heal and live a healthier life inside and out.

Welcome Serenity and Calm Into Your Life with the Native American Flute

Are racing thoughts keeping you up at night? Do you have a major life event or transition coming up that you’re worried about? Or maybe you’re just dealing with the day-to-day stresses that can wreak havoc on our mental health.

You’re not alone, I’ve been there too. So I created this recording to help ease some of that tension and help you relax.

Sign up to receive this 10 minute Native American Flute improvisation that I recorded for you. You will also receive written instructions for breathing exercises to accompany it to help you achieve the maximum restorative properties of music for healing.

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