Massage is a wonderful, luxurious treatment for your muscles, body, and stress level. It can make you feel great, renew your tissues, give feedback on what is going on with your body--but it mostly helps with the symptoms of chronic pain--not the root of your chronic pain. We address the root cause with massage + postural alignment, movement therapy and fascia health treatments like cupping and foam rolling.
My Training

Having been in the Wellness Industry for over 20 years, I have a wealth of knowledge and certifications that I use in my "Whole Body" approach to wellness...they include:

  • Holistic Health Practitioner, Mueller College of Holistic Studies
  • LMT since 1998
  • Postural Alignment Therapist -- Egoscue University
  • Restorative Breathing
  • Medical Massage Cupping
  • Rock Tape
  • Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute
  • Functional Foot Therapist, Katy Bowman
Award Winning Massage

Appointment Time: 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, and 12:45pm
Price List:
In Person Therapy Sessions: 
  • 80 min  Session: $200
VIP Massage weekends or afternoons:
 80 Min Session $250 

30 Min Add-ons to Therapy Sessions: $50.00 (as part of an add-on for a massage therapy session for for subscription sessions. Two week email follow-up included ) 
  • Coaching focus- on a health goal
  • Posture/Movement focus- with a goal
Call or text me at (508-364-2380) to have a conversation about your needs for services... NOTE that hours of operation are 8am-2:15 pm Monday through Friday

Each massage will be adjusted to your specific needs at the beginning of your session. It should always be pleasurable--feel good. It's ok if it "hurts good", but it should never be painful. This is because you need to be relaxed in order for your brain to have beneficial musculature release. Always speak up if it goes over a 7 in discomfort.

Contrary to popular belief that the muscles responds to the literal "beating or kneading" like a dead piece of meat--bodies are a mysterious neurological masterpiece. Massage IS very effective, but it is because of the increased neural stimulation into areas (such as brain awareness coming to areas of pain, or the "good" pain as a trigger point is dug into). The increased neural input causes a big spike in neural impulse, which taken away (the removal of stress) causes a reciprocal reduction in tension in the muscle...

You cause (good) pain, then take it away. The body loves it. This is especially effective with client's pain cycle has a faulty loop. Pain itself is not an indication of how "broken" you are, but how your body perceives the many signals it is getting. This includes how it perceives messages Working on the pain being less stressful (and that the body has solutions) is very important in breaking faulty pain loops--especially when there is no known reason for the pain to continue. The body is out of danger...