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Meet Sarah LoBisco

I became interested in natural healing and becoming a naturopathic doctor when I was able to get my life back through several holistic modalities after suffering from two herniated discs, Celiac disease, Lyme disease, and mood issues. This was done by incorporating the use of essential oils, nutrition, yoga, herbs, whole food supplementation, and chiropractic into my lifestyle.

After experiencing first hand the power of holistic medicine, mentoring with experts throughout the Northeast, and becoming an essential oils research junkie after experiencing their benefits first-hand, I wanted to share these modalities with others and empower them in their use as well.

Today, one of my favorite modalities that I use with my clients is essential oils. This is due to their powerful, yet gentle, ability to balance the mind-body in a variety of ways. They fit in perfectly with all natural wellness protocols and can be added to any empowering health regime.

My passion is to empower you with essential oils and other natural tools to enhance your well-being and provide you with more vibrancy, energy, and passion to live your best life!

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