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5 Reasons Christians Should Do Energy Work!

Have you ever found yourself torn between your spiritual beliefs and the world of energy work?

For years I was told anything to do with energy work was evil and of the devil. So I shied away from it as much as possible, choosing to be a  “good Christian” 

Can you relate?

However in the last few years, well since 2018, I have been led on a path, led by Heavenly Father, that has not only guided me into energy work ….and has also shown me energy work is of GOD. ONLY when we misuse this power is it against God’s intentions. 

My biggest awakening to how it can be misused mistakenly for good is when we do energy work on behalf of another person without their express permission. I found this out when a close family member of mine was having a number of health challenges and I thought to myself “ I have tools to help them, that I can do virtually” . Well before I did anything the whisperings of the spirit corrected me, thankfully! I was, in very direct terms, told never to do energy work for someone who you know has not and would not give permission to do so. (This family member has expressed no interest in my energy work and clearly had stated they chose to receive their health options via another means.) This is crossing a line! And this is one huge way we can be misusing such wonderful and powerful tools.

 As much as I wanted to help this person, and I knew these tools would help, I listened to my prompting from God through the Holy Ghost and did not do any energy work. This was very eye opening for me. 

I have discovered though that:

  1. All things are energy and are either in harmony, in tune OR out of harmony or out of tune. Energy is used in many forms of healing tools, MRIs, Xray, Infrared therapy, Heat and cold therapy, and more. So why not essential oils, tuning forks, color light and more?

  2. Cymatics is the power of sound into creation. God SAID “ let there be…. And there was….”  Sounds calms, excites, …just listen to a movie, the music sets the tone.Would a scary movie be near as scary without the intense background music?

  3. Jesus was the ultimate energy worker. He healed by touch, with words, and even at a distance. Energy work can be done in a person's presence, via words, touch, or from a distance. The key here was they must believe it is possible. 

  4. As a disciple or follower of Christ, I am meant to serve in the ways He did. He literally set an example for us!  He said "go and do as I have done, and even greater things" - John 14:12

  5. Intention behind what I do matters. Am I doing energy work to help, with permission, to serve my world or am I doing for selfish reasons, against another's’ will or knowing.  Is my intention to hurt or harm or control another? Then I would be crossing another line.

As a disciple of Christ, my purpose is to serve as He did, following His example.

The intention behind what we do matters. Is energy work done with permission, serving others, or is it driven by selfish motives, against another's will? Hurting, harming, or attempting to control others through energy work crosses a line.

In my view, energy work is a blessing when used for good and with permission. How do you feel about energy work? Are you team Yay or team Nay?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with energy work, especially how you reconcile it with your spiritual beliefs. Let's start a conversation in the comments below.

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You can also Follow me on the following social platforms...

I am have a number of  affiliates and by clicking the link(s) in my posts, I may receive an income from your doing so, thank you for your support! 

D. Gary Young's BLOG
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