Hi, I'm Melissa and I help wives build their homes in wellness and godliness.

My mission is to help wives see the beauty of God's design for our role in marriage, equipping us to serve our family and friends in joyful vibrancy!
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What are Marriage Missions?
Marriage Missions are essentially Random Acts of Kindness that you can do for your husband daily, weekly, or as often as you'd like!
Kindness shouldn't be hard...especially when it comes to your husband.

Sometimes it can feel like we're stuck in a rut doing the same "nice" things for him over and over again.

These calendars are laid out for you to have one unique mission per day for 31 days, but you can spread them out however works for you.

These are missions that will appeal to each of the 5 Love Languages, whether your husband is partial to one or all.

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