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I had heard that “wellness is not the absence of sickness” and that resonated with me. Yes, I wanted my family healthy, but I did not fully understand wellness was more than that. Four years later, there have been many lessons learned, failures that I chose to re-frame into “an opportunity to change”, many wins for our family, and lastly, an awakening of sorts. I have realized that I can control so many things in our daily lives + many things I can’t. But I have been “awakened” to the harmony between those.

And I want to share with you what I have found. You are worth it, your wellness is worth it.

Meet Casey Forte


     Hey there!  I'm so glad you popped in to see what this is all about.    I am a not so normal person (normal is boring) who loves the natural way of living, but I haven't always been this way.   I'm a stubborn person.  It took me getting sick to realize something in my life had to change. It had to happen to me.  It was scary and changed my life and how I viewed things.  Well, that was over 5 yrs ago and let me tell you, I wish I had done this sooner.  

      I can't keep my mouth shut about how the natural lifestyle I adopted has changed my life and the lives of so many around me.   I'm so grateful I found these products and oils that transformed me and my son's life.   In that 5 yrs I have removed all  stuff I used to get at the store in the cleaning, personal care and fragrancing my home aisles.  I have replaced all forms of OTC stuff from the drug stores too.   It's super easy and my health, and pocketbook, well, let's just say, they've improved drastically. I feel so good, we don't get the sickies like we were used to and I know what I'm putting in my body is helping it remain above the wellness line instead of causing something else to go wonky. 

      It's now my passion to share this lifestyle with others.   I can't keep my mouth shut about it.   Thanks for taking a look around on the website, and feel free to ask me anything!  Even call me, 352-427-2497. I would love to meet you and see how Young Living can change your life for the better as well.     Thanks again and God bless you.

Love to you, 
Casey Forte 
Oiler for life

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