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Meet Jaime Jean Klocek

Hello and Welcome to Vitality and Valor! My space to share all the good things about a toxin-free lifestyle using Young Living Essential Oils. 

My name is Jaime Jean (a.k.a. Health Rebel Mama). I am a Health Mentor and I am on a mission to help women feel confident in keeping themselves and their families naturally healthy.

As moms, we can feel depleted from the day-to-day of parenthood, and keeping our families humming along. We wear so many hats, including Dr Mom when illness strikes at 2am. I want you to feel like you can handle home health care for your family when needed. And even more, feel uplifted in your own wellness to meet the demands of your life.

The idea of Vitality and Valor came to me when I began to experience the vitality, strength and freedom that using Young Living essential oils daily brought to my life and my family. 

In my experience, health and healing comes in many different forms (essential oils, healthy eating, herbs, homeopathics, natural remedies, etc.) In our home, essential oils are one of many different natural remedies that have completely transformed our wellness routines and personal care.  

I am also on a mission to empower women to bring a toxin-free lifestyle to their families and homes. As the gatekeepers to what makes its way into our homes, I encourage women to think about what's in-the-bottle of the products their family uses. I'd love to show you how to create a Healthy, Healing Home.

I'd love to chat and get to know you. Click the contact me button! 

Empowering Moms and Families to Reclaim Wellbeing Through Healing Homes

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