how to make your home oasis

The world is unfortunately full of chemicals, stress, germs, 
and other stuff that can wreak havoc on life if we aren’t prepared to face it. 
We grow accustomed to all of it a little at a time without understanding how much 
our bodies have to process in order to keep us alive. 
Really! We think we’re okay (didn’t keel over after that donut or Sonic slushie or spritz of perfume) 
but that’s only because any ‘junk’ was processed by our internal systems and gotten rid of 
as soon as possible, to prevent damage to organs. 
Eventually, however, with no change in what we put in and on our bodies, 
our natural systems will start to weaken, and that’s when sickness takes hold and is hard to shake off.

It’s amazing to discover how intricately God designed our bodies to work!Just think, by reducing your exposure to toxins & chemicals in your home only, 
your body has a chance to recharge, strengthen your immune system 
(the only thing standing between you and sickness), 
and can take on all the ‘stuff’ out there without becoming as depleted! 
If we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves, we run the risk of not being able 
to recover (quickly or at all) from illness, which then impacts our ability to work, 
earn a living, and enjoy our families. The bottom line is, we can’t control what happens outside of our homes, 
but we CAN make our homes an oasis, a place to recharge, get healthy, and enjoy a more peaceful life!

Tips for Making Your Oasis

-Cleaning: toss ALL of your chemical cleaners! 
I use the Thieves plant-based cleaner from Young Living, 
and you can replace all those bottles you used to buy with just Thieves 
and a couple of household ingredients and still be able to have a sparkling-clean home! 
(Ask me how! It’s really easy!)
-Purifying the air:
Did you know that burning a candle for an hour is the same as smoking one cigarette?? 
We’ve been tricked into believing that candles, plugins, car air fresheners, and room sprays smell good, 
or even natural (‘springtime’, ‘fresh cotton’, ‘ocean breezes’, etc), when in reality, 
if we look at the ingredients, there’s nothing natural about them at all. 
In fact, most of the ingredients are poisonous to our bodies and can affect focus, 
lung capacity (wanna inhale candle wax vapor??), and brain function.
Instead of candles I now have an air purifier that comes in handy during allergy season 
and a fiddle fig tree in my room that provides oxygen. 
I also use a diffuser with essential oils, and can have confidence that my body is exposed to 
truly natural aromas which actually improve brain and cell function!
Young Living diffuser & oils - the purest on the planet. 
Pretty please don’t buy oils from a store or just any place online! 
You want to be able to know how the plants are taken care of (no pesticides!) and how the oils are produced. 
Young Living is the only company that is always forthright about its whole process!

-Berkey water filter:
My friend Lydia sums up all the benefits of purifying your home water system here.
-Healthy snacks: to reduce cravings and save your money, keep a stock of healthy snacking options on hand, 
and baggies/containers for on-the-go nibbling!
-Organizing: take one drawer or closet at a time and purge! It feels soooo good, 
and you’ll have the happy result of less clutter. 
Donate your items to a local thrift store or have a yard sale
-Mood music: play music throughout the day depending on your mood. 
Maybe something invigorating in the morning? Soothing at night?
-Quiet: taking time to do nothing but let your mind wander, maybe even outside or by an open window. 
We really don’t need to be entertained or occupied every minute! The brain is a busy organ and could use a break!
-Journaling: whether on paper, on a computer document, or in a voice recorder. 
Processing what you’re currently experiencing, whether happy or hard, allows your brain to ‘make more space’
-Hospitality: interacting with friends, making new friends is important, especially in this day and age of devices 
that tend to separate us from each other. Apps are designed to keep you immersed in them and it’s a constant fight 
for developers to make their app the one that holds your attention the longest, so enjoy time away from computers and phones…
...make real connections with real people!

And that, my friends, is the end of my soapbox…for today ;-) 
I truly care about my home and the people in it, and I know you feel the same about yours! 
I want you to have a joyful and rested life, and it’s completely possible!


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