Day 10: Drops of Adventure
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Drops of Adventure Book

What’s your favorite thing to do that is adventurous? Share it below for a chance to win the Drops of Adventure prize pack. And don’t forget to leave your information here so that I can contact you if you are the winner (you only need to fill out the info sheet once for the entire giveaway).

*all of these items are from my own personal collection that I paid for myself. 


  1. Debbie Cornwell  12/10/2020 08:17 AM Central
    When I think about this question, I guess I am not very adventurous. My idea of adventurous is going to a watermark.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:17 PM Central
    Awe, waterparks are fun! And you try things with tubing at Dale Hollow. Just took a little persuasion!
  2. We love to camp and creek walk, its the best time of the year!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:16 PM Central
    Yes, creek walking is so fun!
  3. Jessica Michael  12/10/2020 09:48 AM Central
    Roller coasters!! ๐Ÿ˜„
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:16 PM Central
  4. Does trying new foods count?
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:15 PM Central
    absolutely it does!!
  5. We love to camp. Hoping to try snow shoeing eventually too.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:15 PM Central
    Ooh, snow shoeing sounds intrigueing!
  6. Anything exploring outside, traveling exploring is for sure my favorite. Canโ€™t wait to do that again!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:15 PM Central
    Yes, traveling for us too!!
  7. Traveling and exploring new places will always be my favorite type of adventure!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:33 PM Central
    I love that too - so fun!
  8. Camping at a new place. We still tent camp si ways an adventure!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/11/2020 07:19 AM Central
    Good for you!!
  9. Surfing! Not much chance here in landlocked Indiana, sadly. Also, hiking & tent camping in beautiful WY & CO with all the kids.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/11/2020 07:19 AM Central
    I love learning this about you - I'd love to see you surf!
  10. Travel to foreign countries! I love experiencing new cultures!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/11/2020 07:18 AM Central
    That's amazing!
  11. Traveling to see new places! National Parks are always fun, and hopefully someday to Rome and Israel.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/11/2020 07:15 AM Central
    Rome is a sight to see for sure!
  12. Traveling to new places! My husband and I love to go floating on rivers.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:11 PM Central
    Yes, ditto on the traveling. Do you kayak or how do you prefer to float? :)
  13. Erin Bozetarnik  12/11/2020 03:18 PM Central
    I'm not super adventurous...but making mundane things *sound* like an adventure is a fun way to keep my kids from complaining! Ha!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:09 PM Central
    That's so true! And so many things are "adventures" to kids!
  14. Rebecca Boncaro  12/12/2020 09:25 AM Central
    I'm not super adventurous but like traveling and see new places and visiting people that live out of town.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:03 PM Central
    Yes, traveling is so fun!
  15. I love to go on roller coasters! ๐ŸŽข
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:01 PM Central
    I know you do, adventurous one!
  16. Priscilla Karsten  12/12/2020 08:21 PM Central
    Traveling and beach walking love seeing what creatures we can find in the sand.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:00 PM Central
    What's the most interesting thing you've found?
  17. Not super adventurous, im more of a home person, but i do like snorkeling while cruising
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:12 PM Central
    Me too...I LOVE snorkeling!

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