We wanted to drop in and help you get started stocking up for Winter Wellness! Sometimes during the season things go out of stock so we recommend to start stocking up early. Watch our video below to check out the products we recommend and why. But if you just believe us (LOL!) and just want the list, here it is! Also Ningxia never goes Out Of Stock (OOS) but it is a MUST to keep your immune system above the wellness line. 

Comment below and tell us what Winter Wellness product you can't live without!

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  1. Ooo - choosing one is hard! But, if there's only one to pick, I'd have to say the NingXia Red. This sounds like an ad, but it's really true ... before my husband started drinking it, he would plop on the couch and barely move when he finished his work day. Since he's been using it, it seems he feels better because he has accomplished amazing things - like replacing all of the boards and railings on our deck - including learning to "rip boards," cut pickets, use "invisible decking screws," and so on - even on days when the heat index was over 100, and he is NOT a carpenter! He's nearly 60 and learned to do all of that from internet posts and videos. No senior moments for him!
    Our parents use it, too. His mom's joints are all messed up with arthritis. She can really tell the difference since she's been using NingXia Red daily. She takes it right before bed and sleeps very soundly now, and I cannot remember any time in the recent years, since she's been using it, where's she's even had a cold.
    My parents, both mid-80's and who live in Upstate NY, have amazing immune systems since they've been using the Thieves products and NingXia. They were not tested, but both had the horrible symptoms of the most recent viral infection ... but pulled through without hospitalization, praise God!! They had full schedules before the quarantine, and the anti-oxidant and brain-supporting ingredients of the NingXia seem to really make a difference in the way they've kept up with them.
    Love that NingXia!!!!

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