Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique
Do you ever feel like you just can not get past a situation or event in your life? 
Talking to your friends, writing in your journal, exercising and it is still there? You should try tapping or known as EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.  
Gary Craig is the founder of the technique. I was so lucky to have been taught it in one of my YogaFit trainings. It is a process of tapping on a sequence of accupressure points. The thing that happens is we have emotions which are energy in motion. This energy begins to move through us but sometimes it get stuck. So the Limbic Center is the area that stores emotions. These emotions are usually linked to an event or situation. Our job is to turn off the fight or flight response so we can have the thought but not the emotion that drives it. It is called uncuppling. Seperating the emotion and the event. Filing the emotion in a different area and getting rid of the drain that is caused by it. Allowing us to thikg about the event or situation as if we are a third party. So enough with the talking, lets begin. 
How you begin is by first identifying the problem or emotion that you are experiencing. You will need to rate it on a scale of 1-10. 1 meaning that it is not bothering you much at all and 10 meaning it is driving you crazy. Next you will find the karate chop side of one of your hands. So the area below your pinky but on the side of the hand. If you were going to karate chop someone you would use this area. Now with your other hand you will use the pointer finger, middle finger and ring finger and begin tapping on the karate chop side of your hand. You will state what the issue or problem. Example: Even though I am _(angry)_________, I completely accept myself. You will state this 3 times. 
Next step is to begin tapping on the crown of your head with those three fingers. You will do this at least three times. It is up to you what you say. There are many options for example: I am so angry or Jody really makes me angry. The more authentic it is the quicker we can calm down this emotion. Next you will tap on the inside corner of your eyebrow, minimum of 3 times. You can always just talk about what is going on while you tap so it will be a smoother process. Next you will move to the outside of the eye and tap min. 3 times. Next move under the eye on the boney structure and tap a min. of 3 times. Next you will move to the area above your top lip and tap min. of 3 times. Next move to the crease below your bottom lip and above your chin and tap 3 times. Next move to the area below your collar bone and tap a min of 3 times. Next go underneath one of your arms where the bottom part of your bra would be located. Begin tapping min of 3 times. Now take a deep breath in and exhale. Time to rate your most pressing issue on scale of 1-10. Goal is to get to a 2 or less. 
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