Science is the cornerstone of what we do at Young Living. Our trained scientific staff employs cutting-edge methods to develop new products, as well as to help ensure the quality of all of our products. 

Both our D. Gary Young Research Institute and Quality team, led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Buch, work in state-of-the-art labs with some of the most advanced scientific equipment available.

ScienceWhile our product quality starts in the fields, it’s proven in our state-of-the-art labs. Our rigorous D. Gary Young Research Institute and Quality program are staffed with more than 50 highly trained, highly skilled scientists who use advanced testing methods to help ensure that products meet our lofty standards.
Product testing doesn’t take place exclusively within our two in-house labs. Young Living also works with more than a dozen of the world’s leading, independent, and accredited labs with highly skilled and trained scientists who specialize in advanced product testing.

The D. Gary Young Research Institute team helps Young Living employ cutting-edge science to develop unique products that lead the industry. This team also performs state-of-the-art research to support product claims and uses. With purity and efficacy being paramount to Young Living, the Research Institute team routinely develops new testing methods to help ensure the quality of our products.

Information courtesy of Lauri Anne Westmoreland
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