The LOVE Button

The LOVE Button

Hi! Thank you again for visiting my blog. You may want to visit my previous post as this is part 2 of enhancing sexual intimacy. 
As  promised, I will now share how learning about the specific essential oils from Young Living  and the love button  has helped moved up a notch in our intimacy level after 20 years in our marriage!  I will do my best to share as openingly as I can without being overly explicit. It is after all a very private intimate level and yet I know many of you who are reading this will  benefit from my sharing.

Firstly, knowing where your love button is located is of vital importance when you want to reach that peak. It is actually part of the female sexual organ called  clitoris. This is highly sensitive to arousal and it has been found to serve no other purpose except for sexual pleasure! The tip of the love button is very similar to the tip of a penis but with more than 8000 nerve endings!  As you can see in the picture below, it looks as small as a pea behind the labia, while the rest of it is covered underneath the clitoral hood and inside the vagina. Upon physical touch like petting, blood circulation around the area is increased and  it  protrudes even more as the vulva opens up when more blood rushes  in. 

To quicken the blood flow so that the area becomes engorged, simply apply cypress essential oil diluted with vegetable oils like v6 oil, olive oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil near the pelvic area. You may want to put 2 drops onto your palm and massage along the inner thighs towards the crease of the legs.  It would be good to prepare a bottle of diluted cypress oil beside the bed for convenience. Time to slather it on each other's thighs and feel the adrenalin flowing in!

If you have made the  oily potion that I've suggested in the previous post, you may want to apply them instead.  With greater blood flow being circulated around the vagina, touching the love button now will most likely lead to a great sense of euphoria!  Yes, I kid you not!  By now, the clitoral hood which covers the love button would have been retracted  and thereby made the  love button more accessible.   This is also known as clitoral erection.

 As the vulva swells and prepares itself to receive the penis,  the vagina gets wetter, more stretchy and relaxed. This eliminates the discomfort and sometimes painful intercourse if the woman has not been aroused long enough.  The husband really should take the time to stimulate the wife by using the above suggested techniques. Maybe let the wife lead the husband as they will find greater sexual fulfillment when both learn to tango on the bed.  In my opinion, forget about finding the G-spot which is hidden further deep inside the vagina.  Stimulating the love button is much easier and many women have found themselves climaxing faster without trying to locate the elusive G-spot.

"But what if the husband is not able to sustain the erection long enough before the wife reaches a climax?" You may wonder.  Try applying Goldenrod essential oil onto his love stones a.k.a. his testicles. Just never on the snake eye. DON'T. DO. THAT. EVER.  Or that may spell the end of a sensual night. You may instead apply Idaho Blue Spruce  regularly onto his outer ankles to boost his testosterone level.  Adding 60ml of Ningxia Red as daily supplement will also increase his energy level and may help his "soldier" to stay firm  for a longer period.

I sincerely hope the above sharing will be helpful for you and your spouse. Remember that physical oneness has to be intentional as well as being loving. Adding the essential oils have greatly enhanced my intimacy level with my husband and it is my desire to help you achieve that, too, with your spouse. E-mail me or contact your friend who has introduced you to Young Living Essential Oils if you need further explanation.  

 Which Essential Oils Help to Enhance Sexual Intimacy?

Which Essential Oils Help to Enhance Sexual Intimacy?

Sex is a beautiful gift that God has given to a couple under a marriage covenant and I believe it is not only sacred, it can be the most intimate and exhilarating moment that a couple can ever experience! However, having grown up in a conservative Asian culture where sex is hardly ever brought up for discussion, I sincerely feel that we should not feel embarrassed to talk about the sexual issues we face. How I wish that more people had been more open about it so my hubby and I would not have fumbled through most part of our married life!

Nevertheless, it is never too late! Ever since I started using Young Living Essential Oils, I've been trying different oils for different purposes. Yes, I started to use them to first help support immunity level of my 4 children. Then when my hubby became more used to the different scents and got into being used as a "guinea pig" whenever I need to practise the massage techniques that I have learnt, I began to explore more oils and supplements that support our overall well-being  as well.

With an improved health and vitality after adding essential oils and supplements from Young Living into our daily regime, I can't help but notice that our activities between the sheets get more and more pleasurable and exciting, too! Haha, talk about discovering such great side effects of using essential oils! So, I became more intrigued and went to research more. Well, what are the essential oils that I have been using? What about the supplements that I have mentioned earlier? Let me show you which oils I am using for myself first followed by the oils I apply on him before I touch on the supplements (pun not intended).

Firstly, Progessence Phyto Plus, or PPP for short, is highly recommended! It not only has made regular monthly visits by Aunt Flo a painless issue, my PMS seems to have subdued significantly. Even the usual tenderness on my breasts a few days before the period somehow became unnoticeable that I only realised its absence after sometime! Hence, hubby gets fewer rejections than before. (Hint: what a great gift for your wife! :D)

PPP is a serum made using a special blend of frankincense, peppermint and bergamot essential oils and progesterone from wild yam plus vitamin E. Simply apply one to two drops onto the inner arms and ankles twice a day. You can read more here
Secondly, diffusing Joy sets me in the right mood for love and cuddles! It's a blend of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Rose essential oils! How not to feel feminine and attractive? In Indonesia,  petals of Ylang Ylang flowers are scattered on the bed of newly weds. This blend helps to increase libido and balance out the crazy hormones making me feel more calm and in control. 
Thirdly, I like to put on either Transformation or Believe blend onto my diffuser necklace and declare over myself that I am attractive; I am blessed so I can bless others; I am beautiful because I am fearfully and wonderfully made by my Papa God; I have gifts that made me unique; etc. These declarations are powerful and the scent added simply evoke powerful stimulus into my limbic system! I believe this act of applying the oils and verbal declarations has been helping me to act upon the beliefs that I have over myself. With such confidence being built upon myself, I find myself to be in a position to give love rather than waiting to be loved. It also helps me to discard any sexual inhibition that I had previously. So BOOMZ! Our lovemaking has been so transformed!
Another oil, and definitely not the last, that I highly recommend is Shutran! Oh my, the scent of this powerful blend drives my adrenaline really high and gets me all excited for the pleasures thinking about that big O! It's certainly worth investing as a drop behind my earlobes and his is sufficient to get into the grooves! 

Next are the oils for my hubby. He, being an active jogger, has complaints of muscles aches and pains. Long usage in front of a computer also has caused him much stiffness on his neck and shoulders. Well, most probably due to bad posture. So, I applied essential oils like Idaho Blue Spruce and Cypress with v6 oil or Ortho Sports oil and massaged onto his aching muscles. Little did I know that these two added extra boost to his testosterone level and better blood circulation to you-know-where! 
Another oil that I have been religiously applying on his outer ankles is Mister after I read that it is good for his prostate health. This is certainly a must as I believe that prevention is better than cure! This blend was originally formulated to support healthy prostate function and balance male energy. Apparently, this has increased his libido gas tank and helped his soldier to stay firm longer! 
What about the supplements? Yes, supplements are also critical as wanting to achieve orgasm requires an extra bit of physical energy besides being healthy. Hence, drinking Ningxia Red and taking Sulfurzyme regularly is a must for me. Hubby took a while to jump in the bandwagon, but has found himself with more energy even after midnight! He used to be totally drained off by 9pm.  What a drastic change! 
We have been married close to 22 years and I can honestly say that our sex life has never been as satisfying as it is now. It is not so much an age issue but rather an overall health and wellness issue plus a greater level of trust and intimacy built over the years. There are also other essential oils that I would like to share with you but I shall reserve them for my next post. Let me end off by sharing some oily potions that have added some "omph" in achieving that big O.

*Inner Thigh Potion for Her
20 drops of Joy
15 drops of Lime
10 drops of Cypress
25 drops of carrier oil

*Inner Thigh Potion for Him
20 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce
10 drops of Cypress
5 drops of Rosemay
5 drops of Nutmeg
25 drops of carrier oil

Put each potion into an empty 15ml roller bottle and massage over each other's thighs and all the way up to the leg crease. Have a sensational rolling good time! (Look out for my next post on The Love Button!)
*The recipes of the potions are taken from this book, Lucy Libido. 

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