When They Say Young Living Is Too Expensive VS Chemical Candles

When They Say Young Living Is Too Expensive VS Chemical Candles

QUIZ: We'll Guess Your Pet Peeve Based On These Essential Oil Questions

QUIZ: We'll Guess Your Pet Peeve Based On These Essential Oil Questions

Quiz: We’ll guess your pet peeve based on these essential oil questions

We all have things that press our buttons and leave us gritting our teeth: maybe it’s someone cutting in line, the sound of nail biting, or the dusty feeling of chalk. Dealing with your pet peeves is an unfortunate fact of life, and we all have moments when finding a moment of zen is not just important but necessary to survive. Answer these essential oil questions, and we’ll guess your pet peeve and recommend a diffuser blend!

Let’s play!
Quiz: We’ll guess your pet peeve based on these essential oil questions 

Want to take more EO quizzes? Discover your spirit oil when you take this quiz, and test your oil knowledge by guessing the YL oil blend from these emojis.

CLICK HERE>>> for the quiz!!!  https://www.youngliving.com/blog/quiz-well-guess-your-pet-peeve-based-on-these-essential-oil-questions/
What is your result? 

Share your zen blend in the comments!

This was my Results>>>
4 drops Bergamot

3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce
3 drops Copaiba

What was your results? Post YOUR results, I would love to see the differences?

The Results Are In....Young Living is Most Transparent In Sourcing Their Oils!!!

The Results Are In....Young Living is Most Transparent In Sourcing Their Oils!!!
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 Thank you to Johnny Mays for Sharing This Story!!
So there’s this post going viral with over 6000 shares comparing Young Living to other Essential Oil companies. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear a firsthand account from the little lady who actually called all those companies? Well now you can! I’ll be going “Live” right here on my personal page with Sarah Kemmer Goff tonight February 10th at 8:00 EST. A Hippie Mama of 2 who loves oils, crystals, and documentaries, Sarah is also a licensed psychotherapist with a passion for all things holistic. Be sure to tune in press those ❤️ buttons and let’s show this amazing lady our gratitude for what she’s done for all of team YL. 🙌

You can checkout the original post on her page which reads like this. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

The results are in.
I called 15 essential oil companies and asked if I could tour their farms to see how the essential oils are made.

Here is a list of the company, phone number, and answer.

1. NOW essential oils: 888-669-3663, they do not grow their own plants. This either means that their “oils” are made in a lab or they buy plants from random farms.
2. Piping Rock Essential Oils: 1-800-544-1925, the representative told me no. She did not give me any explanation.
3. Aura Cacia essential oils: 1-844-550-7200, the rep said that they do not grow their own essential oils. She would not give me the names or numbers of the farms where they buy the plants.
4. AnimalEO: 320-286-3277, the mailbox was full. 😂
5. Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils: 800-879-3337. The rep said I cannot see the farms because their plants are sourced. She would not give me the name or numbers of the farms so I could ask them.
6. Edens Garden essential oils: 949-388-1999, the website said to not take the oils internally (Young Living has an entire line of vitality oils that are labeled to take internally). The rep said that she had never received a question like that before and asked to place me on hold. She returned to tell me that they do not own any of their own farms and that I cannot calls those farms.
7. OnePure essential oils: only available by email. They did not respond to my message.
8. Healing Solutions essential oils: 1-800-819-4098, the rep had to place me on hold. He returned to say that I cannot see the farms. He said that the company is not equipped for face-to-face consultations.
9. Gurunanda essential oils: 866-421-0309, the rep told me that they source their oils and that I cannot see the farms.
10. Plant Therapy essential oils: 800-917-6577, the rep told me that they do not own their own farms and I would not be able to take a tour to see the plants or oils be made.
11. Rocky Mountain essential oils: 1-866-493-8159, the rep said that they do not own their own farms. I quoted, “We do not have any direct correlation with the farms, so it would be impossible for us to set anything up.”
12. doTERRA essential oils: 1-800-411-8151, the rep had to place me on hold. He said that I can only come on tours that are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30, 12:30, and 2:30. I told him that did not work with my schedule, and he was not sure how to respond.
✨✨✨EDIT✨✨✨ after receiving more questions, I called doTERRA again on 2/8 and 10:03 am.

The dates and times listed above are only to tour the HEADQUARTERS. NOT THE FARMS. They told me I cannot see the farms.

13. Jade Bloom essential oils: 1-844-787-3645, after listening to a long message, they do not take phone calls. I emailed and asked to see the farms. They have not returned my email.
14. Melaleuca essential oils: 208-522-0700, Mindy Buda actually made this phone call 🖤 she said that the rep told her that there are no farms for Mindy to tour. The rep then said she doesn’t know where the farms are and cannot give any other information.
15. Young Living Essential Oils: 1-800-371-3515, I called and pretended to be someone who is interested in the oils but not yet a member. I was directed to the Visitor’s Center (1-800-371-0819). I was told that I do not need a tour guide or anyone with me while I tour the farms. The farms are open M-F 8am-6pm, Saturday 9-5, and closed on Sunday. She said I can also tour the distilleries where the plants are made into oils.
I feel like these results speak for themselves. I was very emotional after making all of these phone calls and getting answers.
  • Why do some companies not know where their farms are? 
  • Why wouldn’t they give me a phone number? 
  • Why do some companies not have anything to do with how their plants are grown? 
  • Why was I given an answer of “no?” 
  • Why can’t I ingest something that I made from plants? 
  • Why do some oil companies make their oils in labs and not from plants? 
  • Why can I only visit a farm WITH a tour guide? Why can’t I go by myself? 
  • Why did every company claims to “set the standard” and have the “highest quality oils available,” but they had no part in farming the plants? 
  • Why don’t the employees know where or how the product is made? 
  • How can you sell something to someone knowing they are going to put it on themselves/their kids and not know anything about it?
  • This is proof that Young Living is the best. If you don’t believe me, feel free to call the numbers.
**this photo was taken in a lavender field at a Young Living farm. Feel free to take a tour!

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Sarah Kemmer Goff & Her Family

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Romance In The Air: 5 Blends You Have To Try

Romance In The Air: 5 Blends You Have To Try

Romance in the air: 5 blends you have to try

We’ve all heard it before: The heart wants what it wants. Sometimes, however, the heart needs a little convincing. Whether you’re planning your 1st date or 500th, correct lighting, soft music, and someone special are the recipe for romance. Add a romantic diffuser blend to the mix and watch love spark!

Star-crossed love

As Shakespeare once said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We’ve got Rose oil in this blend, but we’ve also added Kunzea and Sacred Sandalwood—for a sweet scent you can’t get wrong! Recite a bit from the Bard and your romantic evening will be set.
Star-crossed love diffuser blend

Dinner by Candlelight

This dreamy blend features Geranium, Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Orange. The floral, citrusy scents combined with warm, woodsy aromas pair well with a fancy homemade dinner, dimmed lights, and soft music.
Romance in the air diffuser blend

Candy Hearts

Bring out the middle school, secret-love-note vibes with this twist on tart aroma. This romantic blend, featuring Stress Away™, Tangerine, Copaiba, and Wintergreen, gives us all the heart eyes!
Candy Hearts diffuser blend

Blossoming Love

Put the petal to the metal by diffusing this fresh, floral blend. Instead of giving your love a bouquet of blooms, step up your romantic game with this aromatic treat featuring Clary Sage, Lemon Myrtle, and Jasmine!
Blossoming Love diffuser blend

Wild at Heart

Whisking away your forever crush to a field of wildflowers is romance in overdrive. Let your love run wild by diffusing this refreshing blend that includes Joy, Melissa, Grapefruit, and Petitgrain.
Wild at heart diffuser blend
YL Tip: Love these combos? Add any of these romantic blends to bath salts, your favorite unscented lotion, or massage oil so these sultry scents can stay with you!


We love our members, so we’re giving one lucky winner their own essential oil bouquet—one bottle of Rose, one bottle of Jasmine, and one bottle of Geranium.
Simply fill out the form and leave a comment with your favorite romantic blends to enter!

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          • Click here for official rules.

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