Fall Into Wellness this October!
I have a very good reason for sending this newsletter almost a week late, well maybe not since excuses are pretty lame. The truth is I got a bit distracted by one of the coolest human beings who decided to visit my home this past weekend. Sherry Cummings, a woman I met about four years ago when I decided to dig deeper into all things essential oils related and travel over 6 hours to meet her somewhere in PA.  

Sherry soon became my mentor, friend, and teacher, I know she knows her stuff very well, and I love seeing her passion for wellness and holistic approach on full display. I have witnessed how her work, her words, her touch, and her skill can change a person's life, and giving my full attention to her became. simply non-negotiable.

This past weekend she shared her gifts of Raindrop Technique, Vibrational Raindrop, Emotional Release, and Thermography with a few people in my neighborhood, and if you missed out please know that Sherry will be back in CT beginning of March, so if you're curious, lmk and I'll connect you with this incredibly talented lady when she returns.

Now onto our very important October Newsletter! 🍂With the cool, crisp days inviting you to get outside and play, now’s the time to refresh your routines and harvest healthy habits. Autumn shows us how beautiful it can be to let things go, and to invite better things in! 

Fall into wellness with this month's PV promo picks! 

Start by elevating your wellness routines or meditation sessions with the refreshing smell of Ravintsara; then boost well-being with a daily Inner Defense™  softgel, (increase to three softgels when your body needs extra support, and be sure to add a capsule of YL's Life9 probiotic). After an afternoon of apple picking and mastering corn mazes, cozy up to a cup of Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea — and enjoy this rejuvenating blend in our exclusive Young Living mug, handmade by women artisans in Vietnam who have faced economic hardships. Young Living loves supporting artists and mothers, and this mug accomplishes both! Created from natural, locally mind clay in Vietnam, each mug helps break the cycle of poverty for the all-female artisans and their children. You’ll love why you own this mug as much as it’s lovely beauty blue and gray hue.
When life isn’t pumpkin spice and everything nice, diffuse AromaEase™ and make relaxation a priority. 

Qualify today and get these free gifts with no extra shipping charge!

October’s PV promo picks!  🎉🎉🎉

🍂 100pv: Free Shipping 
🍂 190pv: AromaEase 5ml 
Ravintsara 5ml *** ER Exclusive 

AromaEase is an oil that Young Living always seems to give during travel season because people who deal with travel sickness LOVE having this in their back pocket. AromaEase is like Digize without the strong smell. It’s perfect to keep it in the car for those times passengers might feel queasy.  

Ravintsara is perfect for this time of year in the diffuser for respiratory support, in homemade chest creams, and on the kids' feet before heading out to the park! 

🍂 250pv: Inner Defense 

Why? It's a premade capsule of Thieves, Oregano, and Lemongrass. Can you imagine why you'd want that on your shelf this time of year?  
Always have an extra bottle for those times in need. Especially during winter!

🍂 300pv: Spiced Tumeric Herbal Tea (15 ct) 

A perfect Autumn Tea! Try adding a little splash of my favorite creamer to your cup!

🍂 400pv: YL Mug 
Perfect for drinking your tea 🥰

And if you are dreaming of delicious treats here is a recipe you will not regret testing out this fall! The sweet and spicy aromas will surely make your day brighter!

Please know to reach out to me with any questions. or concerns you. may have. I am here to help and assist you in any way I. can! 

And if you have not placed an order in the past three or more months, please reach out and connect with me so I can share with you a little special something, something I have just for you! 🍂

Happy Fall!

Dorota Matys
Your Wellness Advocate


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