Hello June! The Official Month Where Summer Begins☀️

Hello June! The Official Month Where Summer Begins☀️
Hello June - the official month where summer begins☀️ It’s also the month of celebrating dads💙 and grads 🎓  All the celebrations, and all the warm days/nights bring more grilled food, bonfires, and fav summer pastime fun!!

💙To the dads - honorary father figures & biological ones alike - we're celebrating you! So grab your oils, kick the diffuser on, and start your month off with some of these fresh & manly scents!

From early morning to late nights - the champion protectors in our lives are always looking out for us! So why not say "thank you" with the amazing Dewdrop Essentials Collection? The *best part* of this collection is that the Dewdrop Diffuser is FREE!! Who can say no to free stuff? With this set, they'll also receive woodsy Idaho Blue Spruce & Northern Lights Black Spruce, refreshing Peppermint, and lively Lemon.

👉🏼This is a limited-time Father’s Day collection & is available June 1 at 12 midnight, MT, through June 13 at 11:59 p.m., MT, and is ideal for macho men, refined gentlemen, or anyone, male or female, who adores diffusing
essential oils. **ALSO this Father's Day bundle can be added to your monthly ER order *OR* can be purchased via one-time on a Shop order.

🎓FYI: This bundle is also a fantastic gift for a Grad student!!

Have you seen June's Gifts with Purchase? It's perfect for all things summertime!! Check out what YL is giving us this month:

+100pv Tier: FREE Shipping

+190pv Tier: Citronella 15ml, Rewards Exclusive Eucalyptus Globulus 15ml, & FREE Shipping

+250pv Tier: Aroma Siez 15ml, Citronella 15ml, Rewards Exclusive Eucalyptus Globulus 15ml, & FREE Shipping

+300pv Tier: Peace & Calming 15ml, Aroma Siez 15ml, Citronella 15ml, Rewards Exclusive Eucalyptus Globulus 15ml, & FREE Shipping

💪🏼Aroma Siez helps calm minor muscle & head tension, along with being one of the *key* ingredients in the Raindrop Massage Technique.

🌱Citronella is refreshing & uplifting. It's also well known for its use in outdoor candles, sprays, lotions, & camping essentials.

😌Eucalyptus Globulus creates a refreshing breathing experience when inhaled. It's a also key ingredient in YL's Breathe Again Roll-On. 

🧘🏻‍♀️Peace & Calming is a sweet blend of Blue Tansy, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, & Ylang Ylang. It may help the appearance of skin when applied topically. It also offers a peaceful environment for meditation, yoga, & bedtime.

📦FREE Shipping is offered for every standard or monthly order of 100pv or higher! 

Convention Update: We want as many people as possible to join us, so YL decided to extend convention registration through June 6, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. MT. This provides you and your team with another opportunity to reserve your seat at this year’s event. As a reminder, all registered attendees that place a PV order during the convention, June 17-19, 2021, will receive the exclusive Young Living gua-sha stone. 

I'd like to leave you with one more update... if you didn't know already, YL is making some great changes to positively improve delivery times for us! These include switching to UPS SurePost, with better communication and
accountability, and developing more email alerts. Be sure to check your email for more information about the measures they’re taking. Also, be on the lookout for updates about some awesome new tools Young Living has implemented to increase the speed and efficiency of fulfilling your orders.

With that being said, Happy June, and I hope to "see" you at Convention later on this month!!

Ooops! We did it again 🙂 we broke the Internet...

Ooops! We did it again 🙂 we broke the Internet...
We did it again! We broke the Internet :) 

The Holiday Catalog hype was real and because our exuberance resulted in some technical difficulties. Young Living decided to hold off on releasing these special, seasonal products until they can confidently reopen the website so that everyone is guaranteed a seamless checkout experience.

We will keep YL Diamonds in the loop as to when the Holiday inventory will be available on the site, but until then, these will be pulled from the Young Living website. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to give you enough lead time to get ready...again.

We’re so sorry for any inconvenience and thank you all so much for your support!

In the meantime, you can use my earlier email to start compiling your wishlist.

As always - please know that you can reach out to me at any time with any questions you may have!

With love from your wellness advocate,

Dorota Matys


September Essential Thyme Newsletter

September Essential Thyme Newsletter
Transition. Change. Busy schedules. Stress. It happens. It's part of life. But just because summer is ending and we're headed into fall, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy life as much as we did during the summer days. On the contrary! We can continue to bring brightness into our lives even as cooler days come our way. No matter what's going on in life, these powerful and uplifting plant juices can assist us in sharing a healthy dose of light, hope, wellness, and health with those around us. 

As seasons shift and cooler weather sets in be sure to update your wellness basket and add all the immune-supporting goodies Young Living has for you including; Inner Defense, Ningxia Red, Thieves blend, Life 9 Probiotics, Super C, and to keep you energized when the sun isn't shining as brightly be sure to add Nitro and Super D to keep your mood and energy at optimal levels.

Second on your autumnal to-do list: trade your everyday household items for nature’s best. Pack snacks in an on-trend mini YL cooler in lieu of paper bags or carryout. Stock up on radiance-boosting Copaiba in your vanity cabinet instead of beauty buys filled with harsh chemicals. And when you need those YL goodies without any extra shipping cost, get your September qualifying products for free! Get ready. Get set. Go clean & green!  

Trade up with September’s free products!
Essential Rewards orders:

300 PV TIER 
Retail value: $196.84 (Up to 75 ER points back)

M-Grain™ essential oil blend, 15 ml
• Take the natural road. When the craziness of life reaches its peak, add a dab or two to your temples and back of the neck for a Mother Nature-approved tension alleviator.
• Destress after a long day. Add a few drops of this calming and soothing EO blend to a warm bath and let the stress of the day melt away.

Thieves Mints, 30-count
• Find your fresh-scented smile. Minty breath isn’t worth dyes and preservatives. Freshen up after meals with pure Cinnamon and Peppermint-infused mini mints.
• Curb cravings the sugar-free way. Pop one of these cooling, irresistible mints when you find your goal "to go without sweets" a bit hard to handle.

Mini YL Cooler*
• Style up your snacks. Trade single-use takeout carriers and plastic bags for this heather gray, paint-splattered cooler that’s easy to tote and even easier to coordinate on every occasion.
• Dine al fresco. When your house gets a bit too claustrophobic, pack a picnic, and take the family on an outdoor eating adventure.
*The Mini YL Cooler is available only while supplies last. If the mini cooler goes out of stock, YL will reward you with 30 ER points instead.

 Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml
• Know what’s in your products. Fight the appearance of blemishes with a pure essential oil rather than a product with a long list of difficult-to-pronounce ingredients.
• Choose skincare that soothes. Enjoy Copaiba’s balmy, calming scent as you find your way to your healthier skin. Apply a couple of drops on. tips of your fingers and gently massage into skin.

Bonus Essential Rewards: Purification® essential oil blend, 5 ml
• Say no to wicks and wax. Refuse to use artificially scented candles that only cover up nasty smells and choose this spa-like, stinky air-neutralizing, essential oil blend.
• Fight for the sweetest clean. Add a drop or two of this citrusy aroma to diffusers, room sprays, soapy mop buckets, vacuum bags, vents, and any other odor-reducing product.

Free shipping (100pv order)!!!
• Reach our 100 PV tier during this promotion and we’ll send your qualifying order for free!
• This month, place as many 100+ PV ER or Shop orders as you desire and we’ll give you free shipping every single time!

250 PV tier
Retail value: $117.24 (Up to 62.5 ER points back)
Mini YL Cooler
Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml
Bonus Essential Rewards: Purification essential oil blend, 5 ml
Free shipping
190 PV tier
Retail value: $82.24 (Up to 47.5 ER points back)
Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml
Bonus Essential Rewards: Purification essential oil blend, 5 ml
Free shipping
100 PV Tier (Up to 25 ER points back)
Free shipping
One-time orders: (Not on ER program)
Retail value: $175.13
M-Grain essential oil blend, 15 ml
Thieves Mints, 30-count
Mini YL Cooler
Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml
Free shipping
250 PV tier
Retail value: $95.53
Mini YL Cooler
Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml
Free shipping

190 PV tier
Retail Value: $60.53
Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml
Free shipping

Free shipping

Enjoy this great smelling and very effective Citrus Degreasing Spray recipe I've adopted from Culinary Clean, use it whenever you have something a little tougher to clean. It is great on grease and smudges and I keep a bottle of this under the kitchen sink, ready to go.

Thank You for choosing wellness and the best Essential Oils on Earth!
Please reach out with any questions you may have!

Stay Well,
Your Young Living Wellness Advocate

Dorota Matys
Silver Member #1504829

Convention Products are Live!!!

Convention Products are Live!!!
Oh my gosh, what a week! 
Young Living just completed their 2020 Convention and it was over the top good. I was really bummed not seeing everyone this week, but the online version did not disappoint and still had the feel and life-changing elements that in-person Convention has. Of course, the new products released are beyond exciting, and they're now available to ALL Young Living members! Among all of the things they imparted to us this week, one phrase they kept repeating as a goal of Young Living really stuck with me:

"A healthy home for each of us, a healthy world for all of us."
Everything YL - oil and product is created for a purpose and not profit, and that's something that Gary Young made sure would continue even after he was gone. It's evident that they are continuing his legacy with these new products. This is a quick rundown of everything that will be available starting at 9 AM MT on Monday, June 22nd. They also have a new product guide coming out sometime in July, so keep an eye out for that!

There are so many exciting products that are permanently becoming part of what Young Living has to offer. These are SHOP ONLY for now and starting July 1st, they will begin rolling some out for orders on Essential Rewards.

Kidscents Unwind (Item No.: 32540 Wholesale: $38.75 PV: 38.75 Limit: None)
A natural way to get kids to unwind and calm down at the end of a long day. Naturally derived magnesium works together with L-theanine, 5-HT, and Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils to help your nightly routine with the kids go smooth and get them ready for a good night's sleep. As an adult who has hard time quieting my mind at the end of the day, I'll be testing this product as well!

Super Vitamin D (Item No.: 28972 Wholesale: $29.75 PV: 29.75 Limit: None)Talk about a game changer. We all need more Vitamin D. Derived from lichen instead of lanolin, this is a more bioavailable version and is also vegan friendly! Also, it has other helpful ingredients like Lime oil, Melissa oil, organic lemon balm extract, and more! You'll want to get this goodness.

One Heart 5-ml (Item No.: 31088 Wholesale: $45.00 PV: 22.5 Limit: None)
One Heart is this year's Convention blend, but instead of being a limited time offer, this is a permanent product! Plus, it is the first oil that directly benefits the Young Living Foundation. 35% of each wholesale purchase goes straight to the Foundation. Plus, the gorgeous label was designed by a graduate of the Young Living Academy in Ecuador! It's uplifting and invigorating and helps build your confidence.

Gary’s Light 5-ml (Item No.: 33861 Wholesale: $39.75 PV: 39.75 Limit: None)
Gary's Light was formulated by Mary Young to help carry on Gary's legacy and spirit in the form of an oil. It's calming and uplifting and pairs well with ylang-ylang or orange in the diffuser.

Thieves Chest Rub (Item No.: 23801 Wholesale: $26.75 PV: 26.75 Limit: None)
This is a brand new Over the Counter product from Young Living! Suppresses coughs, helps with seasonal colds and chest discomfort from prolonged coughing. Natural camphor and menthol plus Thieves and eucalyptus oil will help your chest relax and keep your cough suppressed.

Mini Kits:
Want something perfect to travel with that covers all kinds of situations? These brand new Essential Oil Mini Kits are perfect for that! You'll probably find a favorite here, but it would never hurt to have one of each on hand.

Serenity Now (Item No.: 33418 Wholesale: $64.75 PV: 58.75 Limit: 1)
Inhale. Exhale. Let your worries go with this mini kit and find your calm.
- Lavender 5-ml
- Peace & Calming 5-ml
- Stress Away 5-ml
- Aroma Ring - Lavender
- Travel Zipper Pouch

Mind Over Matter (Item No.: 33415 Wholesale: $49.50 PV: 43.5 Limit: 1)
The name says it all. Helps with focus, head tension, mental clarity and invigoration, and more. Focus up, buttercup!
- Deep Relief 5-ml
- M-Grain 5-ml
- Peppermint 5-ml
- Gold-plated Reflexology Ring
- Travel Zipper Pouch

Wish You Well (Item No.: 33427 Wholesale: $45.25 PV: 39.25 Limit: 1)
When you're feeling under the weather, this is the perfect little kit to have with you for comfort and wellness.
-DiGize 5-ml
-R.C. 5-ml
-Thieves 5-ml
-Aroma Ring - AromaEase
-Travel Zipper Pouch

To The Rescue (Item No.: 33423 Wholesale: $80.00 PV: 74 Limit: 1)
A little bit of everything to keep you equipped for whatever you might run into.
- Deep Relief 5-ml
- DiGize 5-ml
- M-Grain 5-ml
- Stress Away 5-ml
- Thieves 5-ml
- Aroma Ring - Lavender
- Aroma Ring - AromaEase
- Travel Zipper Pouch

The new BLOOM Brightening skincare line will surely become one of your favorites. The BLOOM Essence is currently sold out, but keep an eye out for it to come back in stock!
Brightening Cleanser (Item No.: 30291 Wholesale: $35.00 PV: 35 Limit: 2)
Powered by plumeria flower extract, sodium hyaluronate, and pracaxi seed oil, they all work together to help cleanse and hydrate the skin. BLOOM skincare products use the power of Sheerlume to help bring back your skin's natural radiance while keeping it hydrated and cleansed!

Brightening Lotion (Item No.: 30267 Wholesale: $75.00 PV: 75 Limit: 2)
Featuring the Sheerlume Brightening Complex, BLOOM Brightening Lotion is infused with the most advanced natural ingredients available, helping to brighten the skin’s appearance while boosting natural radiance. BLOOM’s lightweight hydration helps moisturize skin while antioxidants help minimize the appearance of future damage. You are going to love this!

Savvy Minerals Liquid Foundation:
A creamy, lightweight and blendable texture derived from self-smoothing, plant-based polymers that condition skin with a smooth, protective layer. It doesn't cake or settle into lines, so it's great for any age! Cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and it has Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood for extra moisturizing properties. With 13 different shades, you can pick the perfect one for your skin tone!

All Savvy Minerals Liquid Foundation - Wholesale: $39.00 PV: 39 Limit: 1

-Porcelain (Item No.: 24722)
-Ivory (Item No.: 24733)
-Buff (Item No.: 24723)
-Fresh Beige (Item No.: 24724)
-Natural Beige (Item No.: 24725)
-Sand Beige (Item No.: 24726)
-Honey (Item No.: 24727)
-Tan (Item No.: 24728)
-Caramel (Item No.: 24729)
-Truffle (Item No.: 24730)
-Pecan (Item No.: 24731)
-Hazelnut (Item No: 24734)
-Cocoa (Item No.: 24732)

Savvy Minerals Liquid Concealer:
This liquid concealer is made with avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, self-smoothing plant-based polymers for excellent coverage, and moisturizing, plus Young Living Manuka and Tea Tree essential oils to help reduce the appearance of blemishes. It is medium to full coverage and is a buildable formula that is creamy and lightweight! Six shades to choose from so you're sure to find the right one for you.
All Savvy Mineral Liquid Concealers - Wholesale: $28.00 PV: 28 Limit: None

-Light 1 (Item No.: 25836)
-Light 2 (Item No.: 25837)
-Medium 1 (Item No.: 25839)
-Medium 2 (Item No.: 25841)
-Dark 1 (Item No.: 25843)
-Dark 2 (Item No.: 25844)

Savvy Minerals Accessories:
-Full Coverage Foundation Brush (Item No.: 25754 Wholesale: 32.00 PV: 32 Limit: 1)
Made in Italy, vegan friendly, and perfect for helping you get the just-right full coverage look with your new Savvy Minerals Liquid Foundation!

-Foundation Face Match Tool (Item No.: 27755 Wholesale: $3.00 PV: 0 Limit: None)
You and your friends and family will be able to find the perfect Savvy Minerals Liquid Foundation with this handy face match tool.

These products were released at Convention and are limited-time offers, so once they're gone, they're gone!

Ecuadorian Oregano 15-ml (Item No.: 33860 Wholesale: $29.50 PV: 29.5 Limit: None)
One of the key ingredients in Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, this is technically a mint and not oregano, but it has a very herbaceous aroma that is good in the diffuser (try it with R.C.) or on tired and weary muscles with a carrier oil!

Cassia 15-ml (Item No.: 33499 Wholesale: $22.75 PV: 22.75 Limit: None)
Normally only available in the Oils of Ancient Scripture collection, this is like a lighter cinnamon aroma with great purifying qualities! Diffuse it with orange or lemon or bergamot and enjoy a fresh, cleansing scent.

Breathe Again 15-ml (Item No.: 33688 Wholesale: $32.00 PV: 32 Limit: None)
Normally only available in the popular Breathe Again Roll-on, you can get this blend - that has 4 different types of eucalyptus - to provide a fresh, easy to breathe aromatic experience in your diffuser or applied topically (with a carrier oil) on your chest and neck!

Lucia Artisan Diffuser (Item No.: 32628 Wholesale: $61.50 PV: 30.75 Limit: None)
Handblown artisan glass diffuser that adds a unique elegance and style to your home while diffusing your favorite oils. Comes with bottles of Citrus Fresh 5-ml and Peppermint 5-ml. Diffuses up to 4 hours (8 hours on intermittent mode).

Lustre Artisan Diffuser (Item No.: 32676 Wholesale: $76.00 PV: 38 Limit: None)
Handblown artisan glass diffuser that is larger than the Lucia but has the same unique elegance. It comes with bottles of Citrus Fresh 5-ml and Peppermint 5-ml! Diffuses up to 6 hours (12 hours on intermittent mode).

Savvy Minerals Blending Sponge (Item No.: 25067 Wholesale: $16.00 PV: 16 Limit: None)
This sponge helps you get a nice blend when using the new Savvy Minerals Liquid Concealers and Liquid Foundations! Cruelty-free blends streak-free and absorbs minimal product for minimal waste. Grab this while you can!

Aroma Ring Lavender 8pk (Item No.: 32317 Wholesale: $24.00 PV: 19.25 Limit: None)
Easy and comfortable to wear, this nearly invisible ring goes right on your nose and serves as a personal diffuser for up to 6 hours. Calm yourself with the aroma of Lavender no matter where you go.

CBD Share Pack (Item No.: 33929 Wholesale: $245.95 PV: 245.95 Limit: None)
Want to share the power of YL's CBD with your friends and family? This is the perfect way to let them experience the CBD muscle rub and try the CBD droppers as well!

- 5 Sample-Size CBD Muscle Rub Tins
- Cool Mint CBD 500mg
- Citrus CBD 500mg
- Cinnamon CBD 500mg

CBD Muscle Rub Tin Sample Pack (Item No.: 33433 Wholesale: $44.95 PV: 22.48 Limit: None)
Want just the 5pk of CBD sample tins? This is it!

Young Living spoils us. Again and again. Remember, these are Shop only until July 1st when some of the permanent products will go live for Essential Rewards, and Young Living will roll out the rest over the following months. If you want more details on that, let me know and as the information becomes available I will pass it along to you. If you want to learn a little more about any of these, let me know! I'm always happy to FaceTime/video chat, text, or give you a call and help you with anything I can. Be ready to load up your cart starting at 9 AM (MT) and I hope you find so much that you love, because I am beyond excited about each and every one of these new products.

As always please know that I am here to answer any questions you may have! Please reach out and let me know how I can assist you.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Dorota Matys
Young Living Wellness Advocate
Member # 1504829