MUST DO cleaning tips for the home

Some may read this and think "this is common sense Haley" but so many, like myself, struggle with housework and the day to day activities. 
Need a list to keep yourself on track?
Then continue reading friend!
Create a Daily Checklist
Look at the size of your family and who is in the household. Figure out what works best for you. 

We are a family of four with two girls, a dog, cat and chickens. Here are the things we focus on daily to stay on top of things!
  • One load of laundry washed, dried and put away daily. This routine works well for us because if I leave it all to do in one day, it doesn't get all the way to the bedrooms. 

  • Wash your dishes everyday. I use to let them pile up until I had time to do them, but now I make a conscious effort to do a load everyday. This keeps my kitchen more organized and tidy. 

  • Sweep your main living space daily. A task that can take all of 10 minutes to do and is worth it. 

  • Spray down your kitchen counter and tables. 

Time to get that organized and cleaned out!
  • Take some time to pull out all the items, check to see what is gone bad and needs to be tossed and what is good to stay. Wipe down the fridge on the inside and give all items a good wipe as well. 
  • Each time you go grocery shopping, make your fridge part of the plan. Go through like above (except every time it will get easier and take less of your time) before you head out for groceries. That way you can see exactly what you have and what you need and you can neatly store it in you fridge!

Quick tip on this one but it is a MUST do cleaning step!

Clean the darn thing! 

At least one a month, get in there and clean it properly. Remove the filter (if you have never done this, be prepared with a bucket if you have a weak stomach) Spray down the entire inside and rubber seals. Wipe clean. 

Our dishwasher cleans our dishes, if its dirty and filled with food build up, it's not going to do it's job properly. 

Declutter your clothing every 6 months to a year.
  • Remove all the clothing and place it on your bed.
  • Go through each item, one by one. Check for holes/stains and see if it still fits. 
  • If you have not worn the item for a year, ask yourself "why?" Does it make you feel great? If not, donate!
  • If holes and stains, make a small pile for "work clothing" but realistically, we don't need 20 pairs of "painting pants" So toss anything that is no longer worthy!
  • My goal for you is to donate one bag of clothing when doing this task. It feels amazing to donate to others. If you aren't wearing it and it doesn't fit, why hold on to it?
I like to go through my closet every 6 months or so. I usually find one or two items that no longer fit or have been worn out. So I put is a donate or toss bag and get rid of it! For me, letting go of items we do not use or no longer needs is like a weight lifting off my shoulders. 

Loved the free guide? Want to dive deeper into plant based cleaning with a daily system to keep you on track? 

I've created a 20 day guide to help you truly rid your home of clutter and give it a great deep clean that you can follow month and month again. 

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