Unlock This Secret To Better Health & Wellness

These gifts from nature are powerful and pure, and used by millions of people every day.

Find out the treasure that is helping people live a healthier lifestyle, and bringing passion, purpose, and abundance to millions daily!
Unlock This Secret To Better Health & Wellness

These gifts from nature are powerful and pure, and used by millions of people every day.

Find out the treasure that is helping people live a healthier lifestyle, and bringing passion, purpose, and abundance to millions daily!
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Our YL Story: Martie and Kim and our HappyintheKeys Lifestyle and Luxury Vacation Home Residences


Why We Use Essential Oils in our Personal Lives

 and in our Luxury Vacation Residences

Kim and I, (we are besties and share everything), have been focused on healthy living, holistic healthcare as a first resort, and earth centered living for decades.  The “for real” introduction to the Thieves Cleaner, Thieves essential oil collection and really all of the Young Living Essential Oil products came in 2019 when a Young Living enthusiast and influencer, Jackie Rempfer, landed serendipitously (she says it was god driven and it very well might have been!) in one of our residences with her amazing family.  We were intrigued by the diffusers and oils that she unpacked and placed all over Pirate Point House and Compound.  She followed us on Instagram and we followed her back.

I signed up for a Premium Starter Kit with the Aria diffuser upgrade for my home.  I started using them as a curiosity, dabbling a bit here and there.  I adored the Aria diffuser because it was so sleek and stylish and special.  The more I used the oils and Aria, the more I wanted to learn about the Young Living Essential Oils.  Whenever I find something I love, I want to share it immediately with the people I love like my adult children, our sisters and brother, our parents and our closest friends and their families. So last Christmas was an Essential Oil Christmas.  All of our children received Premium Starter Kits and our grandchildren received the owl diffusers and their own essential oil collection.  Honestly, they thought I was hippy dippy but slowly they all came around and now oils are a part of all of my children and grandchildren’s lives.  We are an “oiling’ family! In fact, my cowboy husband will not leave the house without his own favorite oils in his pocket and his Thieves hand sanitizer.  (No joke, as I write this he is annoyed with me because we ran out of Ningxia wolfberry energy drink.)

The Thieves cleaner really took me by surprise.  It is a very powerful yet gentle non toxic cleaner that took streaks off of my black granite island and my white quartz countertops.  It even cleaned my wood floors in a flash. Each time I used it for a different cleaning task, Thieves out performed anything I had used before.  It blew Mrs. Meyers away.  

Thieves cleaner is more than a superior cleaner, it will not harm my poodles or my grandchildren, even if they drink it!  It will not harm the ocean, the reef or my plants.  It will not harm our planet.  Thieves cleaner is also affordable.  The cleaner comes in a concentrated form that you dilute with water.  

When the Covid corona virus changed our world, I was able to order and receive Thieves and other household consumables that are much better than anything I have ever used before when the local stores had empty shelves.  

The more I cleaned with the products, used the soaps, used the oils, toothpaste and discovered the many things that Young Living sells and learned about the company philosophy of seed to seal and sustainable living, the more I felt compelled to introduce them to my family of vacation guests and enthusiasts.  I really wanted to incorporate them into our vacation residences for the enhanced health of our guests.  First I started with the Thieves Cleaner to up our cleaning game and to remove cleaning toxins from the houses, but then Kim and I decided that there were so many essential oils that could make our guests’ vacations even more enjoyable and positively impact the Keys experience in a very meaningful way.  So we introduced the Essential Oil Mini Bars in our luxury vacation rental homes – all five of them.

Our first goal is to enhance our guests’ much deserved vacations.  The second is to introduce our guests to the essential oil life to continue to enhance their health and their families’ health when they return to their daily lives if they had not experienced Young Living products before their vacation. These oils and YL products are life changing.

Enhancing our guests health while on vacation and maybe for the rest of their lives?  Worth every penny to us and worth every extra effort to keep the houses stocked.

Jackie and her team have a terrific support system and educational tools to teach us and our guests about how to use the oils and products.  They are called our “upline” within the Young Living platform and they are crucial to learning, using and ordering the oils.  If you join with our member number as your sponsor and enroller, you will automatically be part of our wellness family and have access to an app and other resources to help you with every health and cleaning challenge you ever encounter.  By clicking through to enroll on this website, those numbers should be filled in for you. We are a wellness tribe committed to helping each other and it is so real and inclusive, you just will not believe it.  Like a sister/brotherhood of like minded positive and independent thinkers who do not follow the beaten path.

Now, everyone we love: our immediate families, close friends and our vacation guests are part of our Essential Oil Wellness bubble and we could not be happier!

We are confident that these oils and products will be game changers for your family and loved ones too.  Please join in our wellness and happy lifestyle movement.  We will be so honored.

Peace, love and vacations,

Martie and the HappyintheKeys Clan

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