Foraging in the heart of Sydney

Foraging in the heart of Sydney

My Great Wellness Reset has continued, It's now mid October and it all started in April. I took of up the East Coast of Australia and saw many beautiful places along the coast all the way up to the Sunshine Coast. 
I have since been house sitting in a few different spots. I started up in Queensland and after that I've been in a few places in NSW. I am currently in Springwood, in the Blue Mountains, NSW.  A week ago I took the train from here into Sydney to attend a foraging workshop in the heart of Sydney.

Diego Bonetto, Foraging Workshop, Sydney

This workshop was run by Diego  Bonetto. Diego is an edible weeds avocate based in Sydney. Diego grew up on a farm in Italy and that is where he acquired his knowledge. Diego introduced us to some edible species that we could find in the heart of Sydney.  Many weeds have medicinal properties. Isn't that incredible. We have nature's gifts all around us.

Some of the weeds he showed us was Dandelion, Cobbler's pegs, Chickweed, Fat hen, Flatweed, Mallow, Nettle, Sowthistle and more.  
Diego was full of knowledge and passion and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. 
It was so interesting and I also realised that I had a lot of knowledge and wisdom. 
I grew up on a farm in Sweden and from young age I was interesting in plants and gardening and I also used to work as a florist in my late teens. I used to dry herbs and flowers and make lotions and potions. Hence why I am so drawn towards Essential Oils. It's in nature I feel the best. 

You can check out Diego on his YouTube channel where there are lots of interesting videos to learn from. 


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I'm feeling on top of the world

I'm feeling on top of the world

Today I visited the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia. It as rainy and overcast but the view was just as magical. I drove from Springwood up to Katoomba until I reached Blue Mountains.  
Blue Mountains is a rugged area west of Sydney. The scenery is dramatic, with steep cliffs, waterfalls, eucalyptus forests and of course the galleries and gardens nearby such as Katoomba, Katoomba is the major town in the area and borders the Blue Mountains National Park and its bushwalking trails. 

As I stood and took in the energy of the mountains at Echo Point I also saw the Three Sisters rock formation. What an amazing place to visit. 

I felt like I was on top of the world!

Below is the video footage I took when I was up there.


Podcast #19 - Decentralise the world one person at a time

Podcast #19 - Decentralise the world one person at a time

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to interview James Neale.  
James is a former lawyer of 12 years but interestingly he also had a successful singing career alongside that where, together with his Dad and two younger brothers, be was the lead singer in family band The Neales where they became Finalists in Britain's Got Talent 2015 and got to No22 in the UK charts in 2016. 

For the past 21 months he has been a global distributor with ClearPHONE - the world's first and only decentralised, encrypted, de-Google'd phone - super private and secure - stops big tech spying/listening/stealing your data and personal info amongst other things. He enjoys working hard to help people escape the Big Tech and Big Government overreach. A keen sportsman who has a big passion for cricket.

You can listen to the interview here >>>

You can watch the interview here >>>

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What is temporary?

What is temporary?
This morning on my walk I was reflecting on "what is temporary". These reflections came about as I am about to leave the home I have had the last 3 weeks. I have been house sitting in Blacksmiths Beach in NSW, Australia. It's a beautiful part of Australia and the place I stayed at was right at the beach. I had to look after the owners rescue dog Lucy. As I walked Lucy this morning I thought, everything comes to its end eventually. There's been many goodbyes in my life. It has not been easy always. Eventually life will come to it's end too. Our time here on earth is so brief really. When we are younger we think we have all the time in the world, once you grow more mature and wiser you realise how precious this time here is. It's so precious. 

At the moment I feel like I am in a time capsule, time is "different" to what it used to be. There's been a shift somehow. Sometimes it feels like I am time travelling. The present moment is the only moment that gives me comfort right now. 

Do you ever ask yourself "what is temporary"? If you do, and receive your your life from the perspective of it. 

So here I am walking Lucy for the last time. I feel blessed to have had the experience to meet her and to have had the experience here. Now I am off to the Blue Mountains. I feel a sense of excitement and I also feel and sense the rest of october will be an energetically intense month. There is more work to be done, internal work that is. 

Life is about learning, growing and letting go.
I leave you with the quote below.


the travelling "Awake Wellness Warrioress"

Manifest with Essential Oils

Manifest with Essential Oils
Do you believe that our thoughts can influence the material world? I do believe so, I believe our thoughts can influence our material world  and our reality. 
The concept that manifesting our reality through our thoughts (also known as the "law of attraction") can be traced back to ancient spiritual teachings including Hindu ideas, about the unity of your mind, body and the universe.

Manifestation is the act of setting intention in the belief and hope that it will happen and then watch it become reality.

We have the power to this incredible creative force and when we pair it up with the amazing Vibrational Essential Oils it becomes even more powerful!

The sense of smell is extremely powerful as it's often linked to powerful emotions and memories and experiences. Essential oils can help in the practise of manifestation as we envision our goals and all those things we want to bring into our life, into our material world.

Which Essential Oils Will Work for Me During Manifestation?

There is no right of wrong when it comes to choosing an essential oil for manifestation. However there are essential oils that are particularly helpful as you visualise your desires. 

Some of my favourite essential Oils for Manifestation are these oils from Young Living:  (Young Living is my choice of oils as they are pure and vibrational which I find makes them extremely powerful)
Envision, Abundance, Peace & Calming, Magnify Your Purpose, Believe, Transformation, Clary Sage, Vetiver.


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