13 amazing Wellness Oils & how to use them

13 amazing Wellness Oils & how to use them

Young Living launched 13 very special Essential Oils called the Wellness oils in October 2020.

These oils have therapeutic claims that can be made about their uses. That is why Young Living is worth looking into as no other brands of essential oils can make there claims.

Most people who uses Essential Oils want to know that they work and that they are 100% therapeutic.

In this webinar you will learn about these 13 Wellness Oils and how they can benefit you and your family.

Grab a nice cup of tea and sit back and learn from Karin Hagberg, Essential Oils & Life/Wellness Coach.

This webinar is open for everyone who is interested in finding solution for their health and wellness.

This webinar is presented live but will you will also be able to watch this afterwards as you register for this webinar.

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