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When I was 19 years old (12/1993), I was in a horrible automobile accident, a van landed on top my car, afterwards doctors told me I would need pain meds  and would be in pain for the rest of my life. 

I had a Jefferson fracture of  C1 vertebrae, ruptured spleen, broken ribs, broke my left arm, had a titanium rod in left femur, screws in my chin, I developed pneumonia, blood clots, and I was revived 3 times after I coded. 

Afterwards during recovery, I refused to take the pain meds they prescribed, because they made me feel nauseated and dizzy. Furthermore, the little bit of pain relief they provided was not worth all the side effects.

When I was wheeled out of the hospital, I suffered a high amount of pain rated 9 out of 10 on a daily basis. Regardless, I would not take the pain meds that they prescribed for me (gained high pain tolerance). That went on for years, then finally in 1995, a dentist discovered that I didn't have any mandible's, apparently, they had been shattered in the accident, and then they had been slowly absorbed into my body (needed TMJ surgery).

In 1996, I had total bilateral TMJ joint replacement that  instantly relieved me of more than half of the pain and all the dizziness I had endured for all those years, and I felt human again.

Several times a year I would get terrible muscle spasms in my neck that would be so bad that I would not be able to move my neck up and down or left to right, until it released. When that happened, I would use drug store wintergreen and peppermint oil that sometimes worked, but when it didn't,  I would take one of the prescription muscle relaxers that I kept on hand for emergencies thay made me feel horrible.

One day in 2014, when I did not have any muscle relaxers (they had expired a year earlier) and the drug store brand of wintergreen and peppermint oils did not work.  I told a friend about my neck who tried her Young Living oils on my neck, and within 20 minutes my neck released and it was as though it had never locked in place, and the spasms went away.

Since, then I use a wide variety of Young Living essential oils that I keep on hand.  I am working towards having a chemical-free home, while improving the health and wellness of my family.

Since 1994, I searched and prayed for answers as to why I am unable to run,  having found a chiropractor in May 2016 that helped me to correct issues that prevented me from running. There are several factors he fixed that affected my balance, but three main things are: I locked my body when I walked, not turning at the waist; scars from the numerous surgeries and my eyes were locked in place; I wasn't moving my eyes up or down, I would always turn my head; rather than move my eyes. 

On  8/5/16 I began running from front door to mailbox at times still having some problems with sciatic nerve and left leg buckling.

In 1994 I learned that giving up isn't an option and that when someone tells you that you will not be able to do something, their not always right.   I  just keep trying harder to prove them wrong.

Left leg will probably always buckle and I will always have problems with my jaw (mostly caused by bad weather and pushing myself too hard ), but I am very thankful oils help me and I don't have to deal with all the horrible side effects I had being on meds.

I can do what most people can do like ride roller-coasters, walk/hike, camp, ride a bike, swim, do backbends, hand stands, cartwheels, I can almost do the splits while staying active and spending time with my kids.

If you have health problems or are in pain, pray and don't give up trying to find an answer.  Also remember doctors don't always know what they are talking about since they are only human.  You can't control others or change their opinions, but you can take charge of your own health and do what you know is best for you and your family.

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 Why Young Living makeup

Why Young Living makeup

Many companies claim they are toxin free but if you dig deeper you will find they have things such as talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, and/or synthetic fragrances. Yikes! Savvy Minerals is 100% toxin free!
Just to compare a few top brands:
Sorry if you love these but just to point facts out:
Bare Minerals contains bismuth
BeautyCounter contains talc
Origins contains octocrylene
Lancome contains parabens and synthetic fragrances

Toxic Chemicals found in makeup including bare minerals makeup.

These are just some of the harmful ingredients that can be found in makeup.  

Why wear makeup that has toxic chemicals when Young Living has chemical free makeup.

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