Meet Meggan


For far too long I boxed up my pain, my trust, and my love. 

Given up for adoption as a newborn, molested as a child (by multiple people), discouraged to chase my dreams by trusted friends and family, verbally & emotionally abused by a racist grandmother, rejected again by my birth mother after reunion, abandoned by more friends than I care to count…the list goes on.

I pushed everyone away, slept around, drank, did drugs, and focused on everything that was going wrong. None of it filled the hole deep within me and I ended up depressed and alone. Darkness threatened to consume me entirely and I began to wonder if life would ever get any better. 

Just when all hope seemed lost, I was introduced to a new way of thinking and shown how to process through the many different kinds of trauma I had experienced so that they no longer had any hold on me.

Now I literally radiate joy everywhere I go and know that I have the tools to walk through any kind of trauma and not let it stop me in my tracks again. My big audacious goal is to help 100,000 women through whatever is keeping them stuck so that together we can create a community of women who have crossed over from victim to victor. A community of women who are linking arms and reaching their hands back into the fire of trauma to pull others out. 

Let’s be the ripple effect friend. Come fly with me!

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