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Meet Meggan


I’m an ultra compassionate wellness coach who believes that we are our best (and sometimes only) advocates. I’ve gone through cancer and an emergency hysterectomy, I’ve had two of my newborns fighting for their lives in the nicu, and I was given away by my birth mother as a baby. I have a heart for people who have experienced trauma and I help them overcome their pasts so they can be everything they were created to be. 

When I’m not coaching others, you can find me homeschooling my three kids, raving about being debt free, advocating for orphans, running my non profit, writing, laughing at memes, loving on my husband of 12 years, choosing to see the good in every situation, and spending time with my positive, motivated, hilarious, and fiercely loyal tribe.

Are you ready to join a tight knit community of overcomers who are losing weight, having better health and more energy than they've had in years, building a ridiculous savings that can withstand almost anything, crushing their debt, and loving life? Come on in, it's time to be all you were created for!

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