Where Are You Headed?
Imagine you are on an airplane, and the pilot makes a slight deviation to the flight plan . . . maybe just a one percent deviation.

Will you feel the shift?

No. But you can bet that after thousands of miles, you will end up in a very different place than where you were originally headed. Maybe even a different continent.

Twelve years ago today, I made that slight deviation. I was watching an episode of Oprah while folding laundry when her guests, Sophie Uliano and Julia Roberts, caught my attention.  I discovered that day that the detergent and fabric softener on the towels I was folding were actually harming my family.  That day I learned about the huge number of toxins in our household, personal care, and cleaning products and the silent and not-so-silent damage they are doing to our health.

And that day, I made a decision to ditch them. I immediately began making my own household cleaning products with essential oils and other basic pantry items. And that first decision led to another good decision and another and another. My family is now at a very different place than where we were headed.

Our generation has a problem.  I see the rise in disease . . . allergies, infertility, depression, cancer, and more. We have more than 6,200 hospitals in the United States—not because people are well, but because they are chronically ill.  And much of it can be attributed to our exposure to toxic chemicals in our foods, our cleaning products, our personal care products, and even our makeup. The average adult is exposed to thousands of synthetic, harmful chemicals each and every day. Where our generation is headed is nowhere we should want to go.

But it doesn’t have to be this way . . . there’s a better way to live this life.  It starts with making a deviation to your route, slight or dramatic—you choose. We are the gatekeeper of our home, and WE get to decide which products cross the threshold of our doorway. 

Will we choose products that oppress our cells or products that help us live a life of vitality?

I help women discover a lifestyle of wellness with fewer harsh chemicals. I want to be your Oprah.  Let’s connect below!
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