Attracting the Good Guys in the Garden
For me, Mother‘s Day is the official beginning of gardening season. Each year, my gift includes a dozen or more varieties of flowers and green plants to adorn the pots scattered about my outdoor living spaces. My husband knows that getting my hands in the dirt makes me happy and that nightly watering is a much-needed getaway for my mind and soul.

Plants = My Perfect Gift!

There was a time when I used some pretty harsh chemicals on my flowers to keep them looking beautiful and to keep the bad guys away. However, once I started growing my own herbs, I decided I had to make a shift because what I put on my plants would end up in our bodies once we consumed them, leading to bio-accumulation of toxins that are linked to many chronic diseases.

After a bit of research, I discovered that those synthetic chemicals aren't just harmful to our families, but they're also responsible for the decline in our pollinator population. Although some fruits such as peppers self pollinate, not every plant does that.  Lots of them need the help of cross pollination between male and female plants, and our pollinating friends--the bees and butterflies--are crucial to the process. So instead of using harsh chemicals that can repel or harm our pollinators, I've discovered a way to actually ATTRACT them to our gardens.

Think about it this way . . . pollinators are attracted to the smell of flowers.  Luckily, many wonderful essential oils are distilled from . . . flowers! As it turns out, you can create this simple spray using essential oils to spritz on the flowering buds of your garden to encourage pollinators to come in and get the job done.

And while you may want to attract the bees and butterflies to your garden, other insects can totally ruin your garden plans. From eating your plants to taking a bite out of you, they can can really dampen your gardening dreams. I've created a free Gardening + Oils guide with recipes to help you with that and other aspects of gardening naturally, including unwanted growth, keeping pets away from your plants, and even companion planting.  I've even got a free gardening journal that you'll love to get your green thumbs on. 

If you don't have your own essential oils, it's time! Click the link below to set up a time to chat.

Be oily and be well,


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