Do You Need a Mindset Reset?
If I never hear the terms “challenging” or “unprecedented” times again, it’ll be too soon. “New normal”? I’ll take the old normal, thank you very much.

This whole mess in the world has done a number on me, making me feel like I’m living in an alternate universe. I’ve cried in the middle of the Chick-Fil-A parking lot and Target’s toiletry aisle and sobbed on my knees in the shower holding another handful of loose hair. I know first-hand the effects of stress on your body, and I decided I needed a mindset reset.

Maybe you do too. If so, join me for a Three-Day Mindset Reset Challenge in my healthy living group over on Facebook called How to Be a Modern Hippie.

I’ll be posting a daily challenge each morning, along with some helpful tips and an affirmation. Everyone who goes through the challenge with me live each of the three days will be entered to win a fun prize at the end. But if you don’t catch it live, no worries—it’ll live on in the group indefinitely.

Who’s with me? Join my group!

Be well,

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