The Dirty Truth
For me, it’s personal.

My mother was a two-time breast cancer survivor. Her mom had vaginal cancer before she later died with brain cancer, and her dad died of lung cancer. My other grandparents died with varying degrees of Alzheimer’s disease, and this only scratches the surface. I have other family members and friends who have similar stories that aren’t mine to tell, and I’m weary of hearing about yet another person close to me who has a life-changing illness that did not have to happen.

That may sound like a bold statement: it did not have to happen. But it‘s the truth. Each day we put hundreds of synthetic chemicals on and in our bodies and on our children, from the foods and medications we consume to the products we inhale, clean with, and slather on our bodies, not even realizing that they may be causing us harm. So many of these toxic chemicals can cause a laundry list of issues for our families, from lethargy, brain fog, and focus issues, to infertility and sexual dysfunction, to heavy hitters that no one wants. All because we want a clean home, soft skin and hair, and to smell and look pretty. 

But friend, it doesn’t have to be this way—there’s a better way to live this life. We can make the choice for it to be different for our families and take steps to change the trajectory we’re on. 

The first step is to stop the onslaught of harsh chemicals coming into your home by simply finding out what to look for and where they are hiding in plain sight. The next step is to replace the products that contain those toxins with healthy, harsh-chemical-free alternatives.

I want to help you take those steps! I have a free healthy home makeover guide in which I’ll walk you through each room of your home and help you dig a little deeper.

Our homes should be a place where we feel safe, a place where we can go to take refuge from the world around us. The products we bring into our homes should not threaten that safety.

Like I said, for me it’s personal. Get my free guide, and then let’s chat.

Be well,
In memory of my mom, Patsy Sharp

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