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I made it eight years. Except for some allergies here and there and a couple of major bouts of asthma, I didn’t get sick for more than eight years. No flu, no stomach bugs.

And then I planned two major corporate events back-to-back and worked 16-hour days on major stress alert at my last week-long event.  And as soon as I got home, I got the ‘vid. 

Mild ‘vid. 

For only TWO days. PRAISE hands! 🙌🏽

I’m not saying that using essential oils kept me from getting sick for all of those years. But I AM saying that they raised the health of my body and that being intentional about my health with oils, supplements, and lifestyle changes had big returns.

My health story started with a few essential oils when I began making my own non-toxic cleaners, which led me to a beautiful box of pure oils that literally changed the way I do life. And that box led to another good decision and another good decision that brought me to this place. 

I’ve kicked toxins to the curb right and left. I’ve got the right supplements. And I oil up like a mad woman because I know they have the power to change my body for the better. There’s science to prove it.  

Don’t do life like “normal.”  Sister, there‘s a better way to live this life . . . with intention.

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Be oily and be well,

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