Are You Suddenly Homeschooling?

Are You Suddenly Homeschooling?
We’re in stressful times, for sure. Moms are on edge about all the things. We would give our very life for our kids, but . . .

Anyone else need to slow-walk alone through Target?
We’re cooking three meals each day + snacks, and our house is M-E-S-S-Y!
Financial worries abound.
Are our immune systems okay?
Wait, we have to entertain these monkeys? And make them wash their hands a billion times each day?
Then to top it off, we have to *gasp* homeschool?  Without yelling?

I don’t know about you, but I was NOT ready for this myself.  If that's you, check out this free guide to discover a few ways we can make this season as painless as possible. It can be done . . . it just takes some intention. 

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Sleep Tight, Little One

Sleep Tight, Little One

If you're a parent, you KNOW the importance of having a nightly routine with your children, and that routine (or lack thereof) will not only determine your child's mood, but also the peacefulness of your own sleep, your stress level, and the quality of your upcoming day. 

Usually the routine goes something like this: change into pajamas, brush teeth, snuggle during a bedtime story, sip a little water, sing a song or two, pray, get tucked in tight with a lovey, then lights out.  That little routine usually sets the stage for the sandman to do his thing. But . . .

My little one, even at the age of five, was still waking up once every. single. night. at about 3:00 a.m.  Which means my husband and I were also waking up every. single. night. at about 3:00 a.m.  It was quick . . . she just spoke a couple of words into her monitor.  But then one of us would have to trudge all the way upstairs to see what was wrong, and she was often sound asleep again or just wanted to have a sip of water.

We were at our wit’s end.  Begging didn’t work.  Bribery didn’t work. (Please don't judge me . . . I was tired!)

And then something magical happened . . . I added something extra to my daughter’s nightly routine.  I placed my brand-new essential oil diffuser beside her bed, filled it with water, and added a few drops of sweat from an angel’s wings (aka essential oil). 

And the very first night, she slept all night.  All night.  Her room smelled like a divine mixture of flowers and citrus, and our lives were transformed.

Maybe your little one isn’t sleeping or just needs calming down during the day. Everyone is tired. Everyone is stressed.  

Maybe your routine just needs an upgrade.  

There is HOPE. I’d love to chat!

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