March Promo's and new kit!

Hard to believe it's already March. The Promo's are exciting for this month especially if you LOVE all things Thieves.

What is especially exciting for you all is the new Desert Mist Diffuser is in the Premium Starter kit! This bad boy is exciting!
WHY?    🌵It's gorgeous. 🌵it flickers 🌵intermittent settings 🌵it lasts for hours 🌵you can change the color settings!!  On that list, my favorite part is that it's lasts all night long for us!! How sweet is that?

Turn a friend on to Young Living and you will get $50 for the kit sale! How? In your virtual office you can create your own link and give it out to your friend.  This will give YOU the sale and Young Living with send you the $$ for it.

Email me anytime if you have questions about Young Living. I love questions :)

Happy spring!

Young Living Silver Leader

Modest Price increase coming

Hi all,

As many of you know, Young Living is committed to providing the highest  quality products to their members. In order to continue doing that, a modest  price increase will be going into effect February 1st.

This is being done to  address the rising costs from sourcing, inflation, and cost of living increases  without compromising their stringent Seed to Seal standards. There hasn't been a  price increase on most products since 2013, so this 2-3% increase will effect  both price and PV of products released before 2017. This will NOT affect the  price or PV of the Premium Starter Kits however.   :)

 There are several items  that will also not be included in the price increase which you can see a list of  here:

 If you are wanting to stock up on some of your  favorite products before the increase, head over to the Virtual Office before  the 1st!

Happy Oiling!

Silver Leader, Young Living
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