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Open The Door To Dynamic Health

Reveal this exciting key to supporting dynamic health and well-being. This ancient secret has changed the lives of millions and is used daily by just as many.

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Open The Door To Dynamic Health

Reveal this exciting key to supporting dynamic health and well-being. This ancient secret has changed the lives of millions and is used daily by just as many.

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Meet Sandy Jones

Registered Nurse, Credentialed Diabetes Educator
Essential Oil Practitioner, Whole-life Wellness Facilitator
Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) Entrepreneur

Sandy Jones has a passion for the infinite possibilities of using authentic essential oils, and the power of the mind, to create through thoughts, words, and actions. This perfectly aligns with Young Living Essential Oils stewardship to champion nature’s living energy – essential oils – by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance. 

As a registered nurse, Sandy has been caring for people through sickness and health for over 40 years. She was appointed as the first Diabetes Nurse Educator based in remote town of Cooktown, Far North Queensland, Australia. She loved travelling out to remote Indigenous communities to help improve lives, reduce suffering and promote wellness. Sandy is driven to seek solutions, encourage, coach and empower others, through practices of Meditation, Aqua Aerobics, Movement, Energy and Intentional Healing, Nutritional, Environmental and Lifestyle Medicine.

In 2014, Young Living Essential Oils were added to her Wellness Toolkit. Sandy immersed herself into learning, researching, and teaching. She travelled to 3 Young Living Essential Oil farms in USA, then stayed at Novavita Rejuvenation Centre and Farm, Ecuador. Next on her list is The Australian Blue Cypress Farm in Darwin with fellow oilers and guests in August 2018. 

She continues to search, study and practice various complimentary modalities as well as advance her clinical expertise to pursue her vision of an integrated model of health care.

Sandy is passionate about using essential oils through techniques of Raindrop, Aroma Bliss and Aroma Freedom Techniques to help people restore balance, rejuvenate wellness and vigour for a vibrant life. Her personal experience of Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) opened her mind and heart to using essential oils to disarm and dissolve emotional blocks / inner resistance, moving our thoughts, feelings and energy in a positive direction, to realise our hearts desire.

She is particularly interested in working with young adults, pregnant women, children 
and people struggling physically, emotionally and financially. 

Sandy believes we have the power to take back control of our life and health, that wellness is our natural state, right into our senior years. Whole life wellness can be achieved through plant based real food, active lifestyle, natural safe and effective ingredients, positive intentions and reprogramming to reduce toxic  and destructive lifestyles. As a practitioner she uses pure and potent essential oils to enhance and speed up the healing process physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

She believes when we partner with Nature and allow God to guide us, together we can create a world of wellness, harmony and creativity.

Diploma in Health Sciences (Diabetes Education)
W.E.T.S Aqua Aerobics Instructor course
Raindrop Technique (RT) Level 1 and 2
Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).

Contact Sandy / Essejay Lifestyle today to learn how she can help you set and achieve your personal, health, financial and/or business goals, and start moving positively toward your dreams.


What is Aroma Freedom Technique?
 This is a profound yet super simple method of releasing limiting beliefs and blocks that hold us back from living the life we were designed to live, becoming the best version of ourselves in the process. Just imagine the difference this could make in your life, your family life, the community and world in which we all live!

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Change starts here, I invite you to simply take a look down this path to Wellness and Freedom!
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