Sharlene Mohlman

5 Warning Signs that You Might have a Concussion

Concussions come in all shapes and sizes and can happen to anyone. If you exhibit any one of the signs, or a combination of these signs after hitting your head, PLEASE get to a doctor immediately. 
Concussions are medical anomalies and NEED to be checked out and diagnosed by a doctor. 
Without this step, you will be ineligible for concussion-related physiotherapy, which is incredibly beneficial to effective healing.

1. Loss of Conciousness 

When you hit your head did you lose consciousness? If you did, then you almost certainly have a concussion. It may only be a mild one, but make sure to get checked out by a doctor immediately to avoid adverse side effects.

2. Headache or Migraine

After hitting your head, have you experienced a headache or migraine? The striking of the head can cause a mild headache to a severe migraine. Try not to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen because that masks the severity. Always avoid over-the-counter medicate with a concussion or when you suspect you have a concussion.

3. Sensitivity to Light or Noise

This warning sign is pretty common and one most frequently missed. If you are experiencing sensitivity to light or noise after a head trauma, make sure to get to a doctor’s immediately.

4. Balance Problems

This is a common symptom of concussions. It might just look like klutziness, but it is actually a symptom. 

5. Irritability

Irritability is a commonly overlooked symptom of concussions.  
These are just SOME of the symptoms of concussions. Remember what I mentioned that concussions come in all shapes and sizes? That is because everyone reacts differently from one another and the severity of the impact determines how you will react. Some people have all of the symptoms and others only have a few! 

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