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Hi! I am Jessi Delgado with Simply Refreshing Life


I used to be sick & tired ALL THE TIME literally.  

Several years ago, my life was hectic! Between the housework, cooking, homeschooling 3 kids, running errands, and work, I was so tired that I lacked the energy to do any fun things or pursue any hobbies. I didn't think self-care was important.  There was always something that needed to get done.  By the end of the day, I was drained! I went to bed fatigued, but found it difficult to fall asleep because my mind was still going!! That's why I was so tired all the time!!! Consequently, I would get sick very easily and quite frequently! My immune system was vulnerable & compromised.  

The breaking point was when the doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. On top of that, I realized I was dealing with a very bad hormonal unbalance. I knew something had to change and fast! I was so busy taking care of everyone that I had no energy for myself. The problem was I had no idea how to start. Through trial and error, I started to explore the idea of self-care.  It wasn't' consistent at first.  I had lots of ups and downs.  As a matter of fact, the thought of self-care to me was something I couldn't afford, did not have time for, and simply too far-fetched for a simple, middle-aged woman like me!  After a few failed attempts to establish a self-care routine, I realized it was more of a mindset issue than a physical issue.  You see, thinking self-care was not for busy moms like me, was getting me nowhere!  I had to learn to shift my mindset and take matters seriously.  I didn't know it then, but I was investing in my physical and mental health.    

Changes started to happen for me.  I became more determined to lose weight and to get more active.  One day, I was introduced to a product line that a lot of people are talking about lately.  To be honest, I’d considered it before, but I was skeptical. I’m not really into “fads.” After I tried it and I saw a positive result, it sparked something in me to do more for myself.   I discovered it was not a "fad" but a good thing for me.  I also noticed it had a good result on my entire family! That's when I realized that by taking care of myself and my needs, I could become a better wife, mom, and a better person overall! 

Fast forward to today - I am a much happier mom & wife.  I go to sleep and I rest. I get up every morning refreshed and I have energy throughout the day! I love to cook for my family and I take special care of our diets.  I learned a lot about food and its effects on our bodies.  Gut health became very important and I am cautious about selecting wholesome ingredients. 

Investing the time to purposely take care of myself, resulting in losing weight too - I am 25lbs lighter! I am no longer pre-diabetic and my endocrine system is well balanced!  I work part-time and I am actively volunteering at my church - something I find very rewarding.  I am also an amateur watercolorist.  I love to create art with watercolor.  I actually find it relaxing and comforting when I sit at my desk to paint. It is one of the ways I can wind down from a busy day! You can check some of my work on my newly established Facebook Fan Page.   

It has been quite an exciting and rewarding journey so far; one I am still living and enjoying very, very much!

Jessi 💖

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