Hi, I'm Stephanie and I help women find empowered solutions to live their best life!

My mission is to help 1,000s of Women suffering 
from autoimmune disease achieve empowered health and wealth.
An autoimmune diagnosis changes your whole life. 
And likely your life was changed well before the actual diagnosis considering most people 
with autoimmune disease are suffering long before they officially have a diagnosis.
Often times feeling alone, scared, anxious, and maybe a little crazy. 
I know I did, but the good news is now that we have found each other 
we can learn, heal and grow together!

About My Journey
I have spent years of my life suffering and searching for answers that would allow me to feel like myself again. Through those years I've tested and tried lots of options to improve my mental, physical and spiritual health. Some of those things have improved my health and wellness, some have been epic fails or money and time wasters and some have been mildly helpful but overall they have all been learning experiences that have brought me to a place where I can feel confident sharing my experiences with other women in the hopes that my trial and error will benefit their journey to living a life that overflows with all of their desires.

Take Action
Ready to take steps towards living the life of your dreams despite your diagnosis?