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I had heard that “wellness is not the absence of sickness” and that resonated with me. Yes, I wanted my family healthy, but I did not fully understand wellness was more than that. Several years later, there have been many lessons learned, failures that I chose to re-frame into “an opportunity to change”, many wins for our family, and lastly, an awakening of sorts. I have realized that I can control so many things in our daily lives + many things I can’t. But I have been “awakened” to the harmony between those.

And I want to share with you what I have found. You are worth it, your wellness is worth it. 



Did you know that the average person applies around 300 chemicals to the body every day, 80% of those are BEFORE breakfast! Most are from four things - soap, makeup, shampoo and hair care. That's BEFORE breaksfast! Did you also know that some of the BIGGEST pollutants in the home are fabric softener, dryer sheets, air freshener plug-ins, and candles? 

These toxic chemicals come with names you can't pronounce, like in your bright blue dish soap, the cleaner you use for your kitchen counters, look at your processed food labels, and more. It's important for us to understand that these chemicals have negative effects on our bodies and that health and safety data only exists for 15% of all the chemicals out there, even though so many are known to cause asthma or disrupt the endocrine system.

I'm here to help you explore the possibilities. I'm here to equip you for success. I'm here to introduce you to a healthier, happier lifestyle. A lifestyle that leads to freedom. Be empowered and be inspired!

My name is Tanya, and I am so glad you stopped by today.

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