Lifestyle Factors That Impact Your Health

Living healthy isn’t just about diet and nutrition, although that is where we should start. Lifestyle factors are just as crucial as nutrition when it comes to healing the body. Lifestyle is part of a whole system of health, so if your lifestyle is not healthful, the body will break down no matter how good the remedies, therapies, or other healing methods.

Many people’s lifestyle habits go against how their bodies were designed and, therefore, contribute to stress and a decline in health. We are not designed to live on five hours of sleep a night for months on end or to stare at bright computer and smartphone screens until we go to sleep. Neither are we designed to do intense exercise every single day nor never to feel sunshine on our skin. How we manage our stress, play, sleep and exercise have a profound impact on our health. You must get in sync with your body’s natural rhythms and start living a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses:

  • Sleep and rest
  • Movement and exercise
  • Reducing stress
  • Mindset and meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Fun and connection
  • Getting outside and being in nature
  • Non-toxic living

All of these aspects of a healthy lifestyle must be addressed to live a long healthy life. Unfortunately, these aspects are often neglected due to our daily hectic schedules.

In order to understand my client’s lifestyle and make necessary corrections, I review with them their daily habits, including sleep, type of drinking water, EMF exposure, etc. Lifestyle changes can sometimes be more challenging than nutritional changes.

Let’s begin a journey together to a healthier you!

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