My Healthy Hair Protocol

How often do you wash your hair? Daily? Every couple of days? Weekly?

I used to be a daily washer, and was always looking for ways to reduce the dryness, itching, split ends, and lack of body...until I learned that daily washing can actually increase issues with my hair and scalp. 

I now wash only one day per week, and it has been HUGE for the health of my hair! You may find that you need a little more or a little less washing, as everyone is different, so give less frequent washing a try and see what works best for you.

Here are some reasons why daily washing may not be the best for your hair:

It strips your hair of its natural oils
While you don't necessarily want too much oil in your hair, your hair does require its natural oils to stay healthy. Without those natural oils, your hair will become dry and prone to breakage. Daily washing, especially with products that contain sulfates and other synthetic ingredients, will strip the natural oils from your hair.

It dulls your shine
Since frequent washing can dry out your hair, it can also cause your hair's shine to dull. Keep your beautiful shine by washing less often.

It causes more split ends
Frequent washing doesn't allow for your hair's natural oils to be replenished before your next wash, which causes dryness and breakage. Reduce split ends by washing less frequently. Add in a natural hair detangler (like the one in my recipe below) when brushing to further reduce breakage and split ends. 

It causes product buildup on your scalp
This is especially concerning if you're using less-than-natural products. Synthetics building up on your scalp will not only cause itchiness and flaking, but could lead to bigger health problems as the chemicals are absorbed into your scalp on a daily basis. Instead, opt for natural products and less frequent washing.

Try my healthy hair recipes for luscious locks! 

DIY Clarifying Wash
Add the above to a 12-16oz bottle (I like to use an empty Thieves Dish Soap bottle) and top with water. 
Apply liberally to hair to wash, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse and repeat.
Follow with conditioner, avoiding putting it right the scalp (I like this one

Detangling Spray
2 droppers Mirah Hair Oil
Add to a 2oz spray bottle and spray liberally on hair before brushing/combing.

Nourishing Hair Mask
Generously apply Genesis Hair Lotion to DRY hair. All over, even your scalp.
Some of the key players in Genesis Hair Lotion:
MSM, sodium hyaluronate (amazing for growth), jojoba oil, vitamin E, aloe, Ylang Ylang (also great for hair health and growth), jasmine, geranium, bergamot.
You can easily get 15-20 hair masks out of one bottle, making it an inexpensive life hack that is also free of synthetics! Win-Win! 
You definitely need this!

Other tips:
Avoid heat treatments as much as possible (use low heat when a hair dryer is needed). 
After washing, use a Hair Plopping Method like this one, especially if you have textured or curly hair.

Information courtesy of Lisa Main