Do you have previous, intense, emotional events and experiences 
that are currently effecting your enjoyment of life and daily living?

Have you been in past relationships that left you physically, emotionally and mentally hurt
and are now keeping you from believing in others and feeling secure in your daily life?

Do you easily get emotionally activated when certain situation, comments
or interactions happen?

Are you ready for Freedom to Thrive! 
Aroma Freedom is  gentle, yet highly effective step by step process of using 
our powerful sense of smell in  causing 
permanent shifts in our emotions, thoughts, and memories, 
so you feel empowered and motivated in moving forward towards your best life. 
See shifts in how you view your past, present and future outcomes.
These positive shifts are immediate and permanent.

Removing your emotional charge on situations and past memories
can mean, things and situations will no longer be triggering or activating for you.
This may be especially beneficial for those who currently are experiencing or 
have experienced in your past the following

Past Stressful eventsPast Harmful encounters
Grief or LossDesires for repetitive actions 
Anxious FeelingsStressSelf Esteem ConcernsRelationships challenges
Creativity BlocksFear & PhobiasFinancial BlocksGoal setting blocks
Poor Body ImageProcrastinationImposter SyndromeSelf sabotage
Performance IssuesSleep Concerns
Mindset Challenges
and more!

Does this sound like you?
Are you struggling with feelings of overwhelm?
Do you find yourself getting frustrated over little things?
Do you get triggered by the same things over and over again?
Do you feel confused over what choices to make?

Does you past keep coming back to haunt you?
A Few Benefits of this Process

*Feel lighter and feel your freedom
*Remove blocks so you can move forward 
*Improve your intuition and connection with your emotional self
*Restore your peace of mind
*Improve your confidence
*Overcome your old habits with ease
*Remove your emotional charge from your old memories
*Empower yourself for reaching your dreams and live your best life

A Few Benefits of Facilitation

*Personal memories do not require being shared
*A facilitator can see things you can't see
*A facilitator can hear things you don't hear
*A facilitator allows you to flow,  instead of trying to process
*Keeps process quick and easy
*Keeps you focused
*Picks up on patterns
*Sees where you are emotionally charged
*Offers suggested feedback for decrees and affirmations
*Offers upgrades to goals to keep first person, personal and present tense

This process is...

*Fast and effective
*Gentle and safe
*Creates permanent shifts in mindset
*Changes outcomes with ease

*Allows you to maintain your privacy ( no memories are required to be shared)
*Moves you to action

I offer individualone on one sessions,
multi - session packages
and  group sessions.

All sessions are intuitively led. 
I Am a Masterful Student of Sacred Body Language Translations, 
and with your permission, I will include,  for your benefit,
facilitation in restoring your
strengths and blessing!

Some benefits of Sacred Body Language translation facilitations are:

*strengths quickly restored
*Upgrades quickly processed
*Blessing are accepted and now received

Discover what is your body saying to you?

Check out these past sessions with
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Boosting Motivation and
Empowering you for your day!





It's Here!
The first book ever for guiding children
through an Aroma Reset
and #1 new Release!

Has your child had melt downs and not been able to calm down?

As an Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, helping people flow their emotions to get to a calm, motivated or even empowered state of being is what I do!

The process works for people of all ages, however the terms used in a typical process may to too BIG for Littles, so in this children's book you can go through a quick Aroma Reset with your child and bring back calm.

Designed for even smaller children, special needs children and yes even adults who like visuals, this book is perfect! Children can point and select images, as they go through the book. 
I recommend having a pure essential oils, citrus fruit or citrus fruit blends are perfect options here. If you do not have pure essential oils I offer alternate options as well.

Are you ready to empower your children in calming those BIG feelings? 

Now also available in Spanish!
My Clients are Saying...
Hear what others are saying about the process and their results
Working with Tammy helped me to focus on goals that I had been putting off and to know what really needed to be done to accomplish them. The Boost is a great tool to have in your box and I'd definitely recommend it if you're feeling stuck! 
                                                                                      Karin K

I did my first AFT session with Tammy, she made it a very comfortable relaxed session. Tammy has a way of making you feel very open and aware of how you are feeling. During my session she was patient and her voice contributed to me opening up. I feel she took the time needed to let me move past some blocks I had and was very encouraging. I will be booking another time with her soon.
                                                                                       Ebony N

Tammy was great instructing with AFT. She is patient and calming. I would recommend her services. I felt better after I worked with Tammy. 
                                                                                         Sheila O

Tammy is like an Angel. Sweet, humble and BEAUTIFUL inside and out. What a wonderful experience!
~ Jessica

Thankyou for being respectful of my sharing and allowing me to take part in this session. I feel like I needed to acknowledge the areas that I feel stuck in and have tools to move forward with this. 

Tammy is a talented Aroma Freedom Practitioner who immediately put me at ease. I have struggled with getting to bed on time most of my life. Since my session I now naturally feel tired at my bedtime and want to go to bed. I am no longer drawn to do one more task after another which has been life changing. I appreciate her ability to guide me through exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Tammy!  

Tammy was very professional and caring at the same time. Guided me through my blocks and obstacles to reach my goal and supported me with action steps to make my goal happen. Now I am half way through writing my book. Thank you - The session was awesome. - James W 

I felt a shift within the first few hours of my AFT. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed as I realized I had a very busy day in front of me, how would I fit my action steps in? I took a minute just to breath & relax and made a mental plan. I continued to use the oils, affirmation & powerpose in front of the mirror and got more done than I imagined. It became easier as I realized how much I was getting done. I will continue to use the oils, Affirmation & powerpose daily as I continue to reach my goal & set new ones! Many thanks!!!                            Julie C. 

I am SO grateful for my sessions with Tammy! Today's session was especially impactful, as it was a major breakthrough for me! Today, I received new clarity on some *lifelong* negative emotional patterns. (I'm talking multiple decades.) As I dissolved those negative emotions, I felt empowered to reclaim my voice and my strength! I spontaneously gained new perspectives on specific situations that had been troubling me. Then, instead of feeling angry or hurt about how things appear to be, I felt loved, safe and secure, and I felt a surge of love and compassion for everyone involved in those situations. I also saw where I'd had a deep-seated habit of giving my power away, and I became able to reclaim my power in ways that feel healing to myself and compassionate towards others. I feel compelled say "Thank you SO much!" to Tammy for helping me in such a powerful yet gentle way. 
 (Tania B.) 
Since having my session with Tammy I’ve felt more confident, clear headed and more energized. I was able to release the inner fears that had been keeping me from my path ahead. New opportunities have developed since then and I feel energized!
                                                                                    Lupita A

Thanks soo much Tammy! The session was a great way for me to release my financial doubt. Felling amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! 
                                                                                              Martina W

My AFT session was so beneficial to me in clearing some blocks I had. Some I didn’t even realize. It opened up some ideas that have already helped me to move my business forward. The help I received in clarifying my affirmation was so great to get me talking in my possibilities and positive realities. My final affirmation is something I’m still using and saying to this day.

Tammy is very knowledgeable in essential oils and knows exactly which one to use in what situation. I like that we used the essential oils to visualize situations and empower the actions to take to reach my goal. It does make a difference. 

Tammy was a complete stranger before our session, but she was quickly able to put me at ease so that I was able to relax for my session.   She explained every step and guided me through my individual process.  I feel that I am better equipped to deal with my emotions when I am placed on a battleground.  
 Denise S. 

Very thankful to have had the opportunity to have an AFT session with Tammy! Since having  the session I have been able to address the problems that have been holding me back/ making me feel stuck. Tammy has presented a way for me to keep my motivation on a daily basis. I sat down to the session feeling stuck in my goals, but ended the session feeling very confident on how to move forward with my goals. Thank you so much Tammy !!  

Tammy was very kind, patient, thorough and comforting during the AFT process.  She thoroughly explained the process and possible outcomes as well as checked in with me afterwards and allowed me the personal space to experience my feelings, emotions, thoughts.  When I felt stuck she easily suggested words and affirmations to my personal situation. This experience left me with tools to use for my situation to redirect, accept and work through.   I would highly recommend this experience with Tammy especially for a one on one and or first time experiences with AFT whether it's to release stuck thought patterns, goals or emotional imbalances.   Michelle K 

I highly recommend this process and this technique - it was wonderful and the progress that I made in such a short time period (one session) was unbelievable. I'm very thankful and appreciative. JB 

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this session as I had never done an AFT session before. It felt a little awkward at first, but I rolled with it. I felt very encouraged and uplifted by the end. A few days afterwards I did my action step which was some work in a book that I’ve been reading to help me work through the emotional issues I’m currently dealing with and I had some big revelations and felt like I took a huge step forward in my goal. I feel like the AFT session played a big part in that and helping clear some stuck emotions that were holding me back.It was overall very helpful!  

Why Oil Choice Matters...
Check Out This Clip for My  Explanation!
Well Oiled Life...  Services offered
                            Activate your Sense~Abilities!  

Disclaimer Notice:
 I am not a medical professional, therapist or counselor. Aroma Freedom Techniques are non-medical and are not designed to replace, treat or diagnose any medical condition or current treatments.  The process is also not psychotherapy and it not intended to replace any such treatments. The processes can bring up past memories and traumas, however the sharing of those situations and their details are not required for successful sessions. The process is based on neuroscience, the powerful affects and response to our sense of smell and the olfactory systems' nature and unfiltered function and ability to process emotions and memories, and was created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. Each practitioner may add in their own personal style to the process. 

If you are further interested in this process and receiving your own certification, Dr Perkus offers online training in formal classes or 
a self paced option. You can research more and sign up here!

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