You are about to be a published Author!

Have you always secretly desired to write a book?
Don't know where to start?
Do you think it is too hard to publish a book?
Awesome Choice!
 You choosing to start creating
 Discover how quickly and easily you
can bring your goal into reality!

  Understand how you can Publish your first low content, simple journal
 or first book in fun and easy steps. I guide you through all the steps
as I create a journal for publication.
Each video walkthrough is quick and easy to follow!
Most are under 5 minutes!
 Success is simple, with my easy to follow video tutorials.
I walk you through with an over my shoulder view of my process.
 Be guided step by step in creating your pages, understand
 how to calculate cover size, set margins, and create with ease,
understand how to combine your pages into one file and so much more!
 Are you ready for your first fun and easy book creation?
Awesome Choice!
You choosing to start creating
Discover how quickly and easily you
can bring your goal into reality!

Welcome to this beginner instructional training on how to 
create and publish your 1st Book!.
There is something exciting about holding your
book in your hands!
A book YOU created and published!

BONUS Module Added
New Module: How to insert a Table of Contents
(or an index)
You know I already give you more value for your investment!

And check out this, I have added your newest BONUS module. 
Now you create and customize your own Table of Contents or Index.

I show you all the ins and outs. 

I got you covered!
What you will understand.
Understand how to create a custom page
Understand how to set your margins
Understand how add various elements
Understand what to avoid
Learn how to Self Publish!
See how to preview your work 
See how to price your book
See step by step, over my shoulder 
See how easy it is to publish using KDP
Order one of my Books!
Curious about my books, order your copy here!

Putting on My Armor of God

A guided devotional journal for activating your sense-abilities and empowering you for your day!

Daily Gratitude & Prayer Journal

A 100 day/entry journal for expressing and documenting your grateful heart and prayers.

Little with BIG Feelings

Aroma Reset in a picture book, great for all ages! Learn how to flow your emotions with ease!

Still Struggling to Reach your Goals?
If you still have not moved forward with publishing your book,
something is holding you back!
I help people like you, find out what is holding you back
and help you quickly let that go so you can
quickly and easily move forward with your goal.

Personal one on one mentoring OR an AFT session with me can help.
*I can see what is in your way, and help you know
what tools to use in overcoming your walls
* I can hear word patterns being used
and indicate and area for a strength returning
and help with word upgrades
*I can see body responses showing a hold back
and help you clear and restore blessing
simply waiting for your acceptance

Invest in your success today!

YOU         +         MENTOR         =         SUCCESS!

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