Vision Boarding Webinar series!

Discover the Vision Boarding training
for leveling up your Vision Boarding game!
~3 Session Webinar~

Has goal achievement been put on your back burner?
Have you tried only to hit a wall?
Have you given up on your dreams?

Our ability to imagine, visualize in our head, pre-tend has a 

powerful effect in our ability for achieving our goals.

Many people spend time in front of a digital experience, experiencing 
someone else's ideas and visions. The original name for a device for 
sharing another person's vision, was and is called a TELL-A-VISION!

Are you ready to stop fueling someone else's vision?
Are you ready to achieve your own visions?

YES! I Choose to Invest In Myself Now

With your Vision Boarding training you will...

Understand how to go from experiencing and supporting someone 
else's vision, to experiencing and supporting YOUR OWN VISION.

Activate your powerful sense of vision as another fun way to empower 

your sense-abilities in achieving your goals and dreams.

See how developing this once easy childhood skill can create 

powerful shift in your outcomes and results.

Are you ready to start believing in your dreams again?
Are you ready to be successful?
Are you ready for activating your sense-ability of vision?

Are you ready to discover how combining words,
aromas and imagery to activate your visual sense-ability,
can create powerful shifts in your outcomes
for your life!
Your three session webinar takes you through...

Session 1

Creating your first Vision Board

Do you know how to create an effective vision board?
Do you know what goes on your vision board?
Do you have no idea where to start?

In Session one You will understand how to...

*Create your first vision board or tweak your current board

*Tools in helping pick your first goal

*Understand options for your board

Are you ready to create your first vision board?

(this is often where most vision board classes end)


Session 2

Understanding How to Use Your Vision Board

Do you wonder how a vision board works?
Do you question if one can work?
Is it more than just pictures from a magazine?

In this session you will come to understand...

*Where to locate your board for optimal results

*Best times of day to spend with your board

*How to activate your sense-ability of imagination

*How to amplify your results

Are you ready to understand how to use your vision board?


Session 3

Overcoming challenges with Vision Boarding

Do you know what to do if things aren't working?
Do you know how to deal with the negative mind chatter?
Do you know how to remove doubt?

In this session you will understand...

*How to deal with negative mind chatter
*What to do when WOTAMs show up
*How to handle doubt 
and more!

Are you ready to clear things in your path?


In this training you get my 3 series Webinar Vision Boarding!

You also get your Playbook!
Play book because reaching your dreams and goals is Fun and Easy!
Newly revised December 30, 2021


You get convenience!
Watch on a variety of devices,
View anytime, anywhere you have internet available!

View and re-view at your leisure!
Lifetime Access!


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Do you get stuck figuring out steps?

I got you covered!
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Bonus number 2

Get a FREE customizable template of 
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*This is for visualization purposes only, not legal tender
The Universe is abundant, how much is coming your way?

Use the power of your words, combined imagery inactivating 
your powerful sense-ability of  imagination,
to reach your desired hopes and dreams.

Activate your Sense-Abilites!

Personal Investment just $97.00

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