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I'm Allie Dean...
Photographer, Website Designer,
Over-thinker, Aunt & Kindred Spirit

I help women grow in leadership skills and build a thriving online presence with joy & confidence!

Connecting with multi-faceted friends 
like you 
hearing your dreams & life visions, and cheering you on
is one of my favorite things ever! 

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Websites, blogs, and social media are great places to show up in service with what you love to do, grow an audience, and have clients find you!
Putting your online presence together can be a daunting task, so I have some resources to help!
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Showing your face online goes a long way in establishing credibility with your audience.

Being able to take photos of yourself is 
an easy practice to learn!

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I've created page templates for business owners using GetOiling or AttractWell!
These two platforms that can host everything related to your brand, 
from websites, blogs, contact managers, email campaigns, and more!

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